End the Year In Style This New Year!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us here at San Jose Dancewear! You may be enjoying time with the family today or relaxing with a well-deserved day off from work, but we want to tell you not to get out of the holiday spirit quite yet, we still have New Year's Eve to celebrate!

No New Year's party would be complete without some jazzy outfits. After all, you want to welcome 2017 with a flare! At San Jose Dancewear we have festive costumes, shoes, outfits covered in sparkles and sequins, and a huge variety of makeup so you can add new style to your New Year.

If you wanted to try something new or if you are going for a big, bold look, check out the New Year's Eve makeup tutorial below. We sell makeup and some bold outfits at both of our locations in San Jose and Marin.

Another fun idea would be to throw a themed party this year. Come by our store in San Jose to check out some different costume ideas.

And if you're still doing some last-minute shopping, be sure to check out some cute gift ideas for the dancers in your life. We have Tutu Bears, ornaments, key chains, and all the dancing gear you can imagine!



Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas for Non-Makeup Artists (Part 1)

Just because you're not a makeup artists doesn't mean you shouldn't go all out with your costume this Halloween. You'd be surprised what you can do with a little bit of lipstick and costume face paint. Check out some easy costume ideas below!

Black Swan

Black Swan is a simple and beautiful make-up centered costume, Grab a black tutu, put your hair in a tight bun, add a tiara, and start working on those eyes. The black paint, or even eye liner, should cover from the outside if the nose to the temple in drastic, black and white, and feathery strokes.


Black Swan Makeup


A Walking Comic Book

With a bit of black and red face paint and some wash-out hair dye, you can have the best costume at any party! This comic book pop art is as simple as covering your face with red dots, drawing bold black lines along your nose, jaw, ears, hairline, and cheek bones, and coloring your hair yellow! Add simple lipstick and eye shadow to complete the look. Pair the makeup with a plain black shirt or comic book shirt for contrast or fun, respectively.



Check back with us for some more fun Halloween makeup ideas and stop by to pick up professional theatrical makeup from any of our locations in San Jose, Marin, or Santa Cruz!


Go on a Safari this Halloween with These Animal Makeup Tutorials

If you need something to go with your cheetah print dress or zebra costume this Halloween to perfect your outfit--these animal makeup tutorials are for you. Pair our animal costumes with one of these tutorials for an impressive addition for any Halloween event.


If you want to turn your sexy leopard print shirt into more than just a blouse, check out the video below for an incredible facial transformation using just makeup!



If you're looking for more than just a few trendy lines around the eyes to turn yourself into a zebra, check out the video below to kick it up a notch!


There's nothing quite as fierce as a tiger and you can get the authentically scary look by following the tutorial below.

All of the tutorials above illustrate incredible additions to any animal costume and only use a few colors. Stop by SJ Dancewear to check out our incredible makeup selection with brands such as Mehran, Kryolan, and Ben Nye. Not used to buying theatrical makeup? No problem. Our helpful and experienced staff can walk you through all of our products so that you leave with exactly what you came for--the tools for a killer costume!


Turn Up the Heat with These Sexy Halloween Makeup Tutorials!

Sure, Halloween is the one day that it's socially acceptable to creep out your neighbors wearing a realistic zombie costume...but it's also an excuse to get dolled up and look sexy!

Sexy Makeup

You've already picked up your costume and any wigs or accessories you may need, now let's talk about transforming your best features!


Your lips are the easiest to transform and they make a big impact. Think about it. Just a coat of red lipstick can turn a black dress into a sexy outfit. One of the most popular lip tricks is shaping lips into a "Cupid's Bow." This is a simple trick that can be done with lip liner and lipstick/gloss of any color.


These windows to your soul can turn any face into a beauty to behold. If you want to go above and beyond with your sexy makeup, use false lashes. Nowadays, fake lashes come in a variety of funky colors, sultry shapes, lengths, thicknesses, and even textures. And no sexy makeup ensemble would be complete without a quality smokey eye.

We have many brands of makeup at San Jose Dancewear and Costumes, including Mehran, Kryolan, and Ben Nye. Stop by to get the best of the best in theatrical makeup and get some tips for other sexy makeup tricks from our experienced staff.


Get Creepy in the Bay Area! Creating Burns and Bruises for Halloween

There's nothing creepier and spookier than realistic wounds and bruises created with theatrical makeup, stop by San Jose Dancewear and check out our selections from Kryolan, Ben Nye, and Mehran!


Fake Burn


To get started creating a burn, first stop by the grocery store! That's right, one of the easiest ways to set a rough base for the burn is by using gelatin. Then pick up some red lipstick and mascara and you're ready to get started! Begin by mixing the gelatin with warm water and pour it on the section of your skin you want to appear burnt. Dab some mascara and red lipstick semi-randomly across the burn for a charred and raw look. Let it dry and you're done!


Fake Bruise


For bruises, pick up some eye shadow or theatrical face paint that has yellow, green, red, and purple. First add the yellow at the base of the bruise, extending it as far as you want the bruise to go. Then add green up to a half inch or so from where the yellow ends and do the same with red and purple, but create spots of concentrated reds as well. Check out Radmegan's step-by-step directions for help and pictures!

Check out more costumes, accessories, and makeup from San Jose Dancewear to complete your Halloween costume!


Halloween Makeup Tutorials That Are Too Cute To Handle This Season!

There are many tutorials for scary makeup, sexy makeup, and even artistic makeup, but we wanted to share with you some ideas that are adorable and will have you gushing this Halloween!


In celebration of the new minions movie coming out, many people are raving about the cute little guys that stole the show in Despicable Me. All you need is two or three paint brushes ranging in thickness and five colors of standard face paint: yellow, white, black, gray, and brown. Now all you have to do is practice your minion impression!


Little boys (and girls!) will be excited to go as their favorite, pizza-eating, mutant reptiles this Halloween with just a quick paint job. Simply pick up some thick and thin face paint brushes and some red, green, yellow, white, and black face paint (swap out the red for whatever color your favorite TMNT wears!). This is also a great opportunity for parents to coordinate costumes with their little ones, or for siblings to go as a group costume.

Stay tuned for some more adorable makeup ideas, and don't forget to stop by any of our locations in San Jose, Marin, or Santa Cruz to pick out professional grade makeup and face paint from brands such as Ben Nye & Kryolan and everything else you need to complete your new look.


Halloween Makeup Tutorials for Makeup and Costume Masters!

Sometimes you just want to show off your skill with a makeup brush and Halloween is the perfect time to do it! Not all of us have the vision and ability to create works of art on our faces, but for those of you who can, check out the tutorials below for some amazing makeup ideas for your costume this year!

Legit Zombie

We don't want to see any of this "sexy zombie" stuff here, we want gory, scary, and creepy zombies. The tutorial below will walk you through exactly how to create this masterpiece. You can stop at the face or go all out and complete your shoulders as well!

Scary Clown

If you don't have the time or the money to get the supplies for the realistic zombie makeup above, try something equally as creepy but much more simple and construct a scary clown! This option has fewer and bolder details so the creation is much simpler.

Don't forget that you can get all of this makeup and the costumes to go with it at any of our locations in San Jose, Marin, or Santa Cruz. We have professional brands so you put nothing but the best materials on your sensitive face. Stop in and see us for some tips, ideas, accessories, costumes, and tons of fun new makeup!


Bring You Cleopatra Costume to the Next Level with Cobra Eyes

As we discussed a few days ago, a Cleopatra costume is a great choice for a strong, confidant, and beautiful character -- but even she can be kicked up a notch with some strong and sexy eye makeup. Yes, we're talking about cobra eyes.

Cobra Eyes


To begin assembling this strong look, line the eyes with a thick stroke of black eye liner. Be sure to go extra thick below the eyes for a bigger and bolder look. Wing the eye liner from the outer corner of the eye as shown in the picture above.

Next, it's time to add some color. Gold and blue are part of the Cleopatra look, so it makes sense to use these colors to highlight your peepers as well. Beginning from the inner corner of the eye, start brushing color over the lid beginning with a small area then widening as you approach the outer corner of the eye (see above). Layer the color on in this way starting with gold, then black, then blue, followed by a thin line of gold to end it.

If you're feeling particularly crafty you can use the eye makeup you've already purchased to paint small cobras at the corner of your eyes but you can still get the bold Egyptian look without them. Don't forget to check out our incredible selection of makeup, we have Kryolan, Ben Nye, and many more costume makeup and paint options that are sure to suit your needs!


How to Apply Makeup for the Northern California Renaissance Faire

You've gone to great lengths to make sure your costume for the Northern California Renaissance Faire is just right, so don't forget the proper makeup to complete your character!


Renaissance Makeup


The first thing to be sure you do to prepare your face for a day at the fair is to apply sunscreen. You will be in the sun throughout the day and sunscreen will help protect your delicate skin from harm.

Next, know your role. If you are attending the fair as a peasant woman, you won't need to wear makeup at all. Peasants couldn't afford makeup so sunscreen will do perfectly. If you are middle or high class, however, you will need a bit of work to look the part!

Start by applying light foundation to your face, you may want to use a shade or two lighter than you normally would, light faces were very popular in the age. Next, decide whether your character would wear lipstick or not. A good rule of thumb is only wear colored lipstick if you are a noble, but stick to red and burgundy, don't use pink. Then, use simple makeup on the eyes, black or brown mascara and eye liner will do fine. If you want to wear eye shadow, make sure the colors are natural (no blues, greens, or purples). Use blush only for a noble woman to accentuate the cheekbones. Finally, powder your face and don your character!

Stop by San Jose Dancewear for a selection of all the best theater makeup, including Ben Nye, Mehran, and Kryolan. Fare thee well and enjoy the fair in your medieval best!


Applying Theatrical Makeup - How to Look Your Best on Stage!

With dozens of people with their eyes on you, you want to make sure you look your best up there in the spotlight, and you can start by using the best makeup application techniques. San Jose Dancewear has professional performance makeup from vendors including Kryolan and Ben Nye that have been serving performers for years, helping them look their best and lending them the confidence they need.


Professional Theatrical Makeup



After you stop by and pick out your makeup, stick to the following steps to expertly apply the various products so that you stand out without over doing it.

1. Create a smooth, clean base for your makeup by washing and moisturizing your face and neck. Apply a colorless balm on your lips as well.

2. Apply foundation 2 shades darker than you normally wear to prevent your skin from looking washed out in the harsh spotlight.

3. Choose a pink or red blush and apply the powder to the apples of your cheeks (the round sections that appear when you smile your cheesiest smile!)

4. Use a natural eye shadow. Don't use blues, greens, or purples unless required for character purposes.

5. Line the eyes with brown or black liner in a thin line along the eyelashes on the top lid, and from the center of the eyelashes to the outer corner of the eye on the bottom, apply mascara of the same color.

6. Be sure to use translucent powder to "set"the makeup. This will keep the makeup fresh for the whole performance.

Don't settle for drugstore makeup, see San Jose Dancewear for the high quality, theatrical makeup fit for a star!

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