Our Tutu Bears Are the Perfect Gift for Any Dancer!

Christmas can sometimes be stressful when you don't know what to get for the people most important to you, which is why you should stop by San Jose Dancewear! We have amazing gift ideas for all of the dancers in your life, one of our favorite is the Tutu Bear!

Tutu Bear

Tutu Bears


These cozy stuffed bears are a perfect comfort toy for the little dancers or dancers-to-be in your life; they also make for a great keepsake for more mature dancers or for teddy bear collectors. As you can see in the picture, each bear comes with a festive winter outfit including a scarf and a Santa hat, as well as a tiny tutu. At SJ Dancewear we care about our product's quality, which is why you can rest assured that you will get only the best from our selections. Each Tutu Bear is hand assembled, which allows us to be assured that each bear and its attire is perfect for Christmas morning.

Don't forget that you can find us at two locations, in Marin and San Jose, and we are open seven days a week for your convenience. While you're here check out some of our other gift ideas such as dance bags, key chains, and trendy dance wear.




Get Your Pixie Costume Today at San Jose Dancewear!

Want to dress up this holiday season but not with the standard Christmas costumes? Try out one of our pixie costumes instead! Pixies aren't just great around the Christmas season, they're also a wonderful choice year round!


Image result for Pixie Costume

Pixie Costume


Complete with wings and a beautiful little dress, our pixie costumes are perfect for seasonal performances with Sugar Plum fairies, or year round costumes for Halloween, parties, other performances, and themed birthday bashes. Don't forget that your costume isn't complete until you add the perfect accessorizing touch, we would suggest a crown, wand, makeup, and a whole lot of pixie dust (glitter)!


To really go above and beyond with your costume, get creative with your makeup by following the tutorial below. At San Jose Dancewear, we have all the makeup you'll need -- and more! Whether you'll looking for a colorful addition to your stage makeup collection or you're searching for something you can wear everyday, we have it! So stop by today in our location in San Jose to start sprucing up your style for this Christmas season. Don't forget to check out our traditional costumes as well, we have: Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, Sexy Mrs. Claus, Elves, and a selection from The Nutcracker!




Don't Forget About Santa's Little Helpers, Get Your Elf Costume Today!

It's the most wonderful time of the year and we can't forget about the green-clad helpers who make Christmas possible, which is why San Jose Dancewear carries many elf costumes!


Free stock photo of holiday, cute, hat, face

Elf Costume


There are many reasons to don an elf costume this year, including: playing Santa's little helper at the mall, dressing up for a school play or other performance, getting festive for an office party, or wonderful Christmas card photo opportunities.


Our elf costumes are available in a range of sizes so everyone can show their holiday cheer this season. Don't forget to supplement your costume with makeup and accessories for an authentic elf look and be sure to check out our other holiday costumes for your family and friends!


With a convenient locations in San Jose, we make it easy to find your costume. And because we know you don't want an elf costume taking up room in your closet year-round, we offer rental options as well.


If an elf costume just isn't for you, be sure to check out the iconic Santa Claus costume, our nurturing Mrs. Claus costume, or even a sexy Mrs. Claus costume. We have what you want this holiday season, but there's only two weeks before Christmas, so you better hurry!


We'll see you soon!


Find Sugar Plum Fairies and Nutcracker Costumes at San Jose Dancewear!

It's every dancer's favorite time of year, that's right -- Nutcracker season! From when they were young dancers frolicking in play tutus to the mature, lifelong trained ballerinas, The Nutcracker ballet holds a special place in all dancers' hearts. We couldn't call ourselves a dance wear provider if we didn't offer everything needed for this special show! San Jose Dancewear has all the costumes, as well as all the accessories and dance wear needed for The Nutcracker.

The Nutcracker Ballet


In addition to the iconic nutcracker costume with the red coat and tall hat, we also offer Clara's white dress with its blue belted waist, and the purple Sugar Plum Fairy costume -- complete with wings. Don't forget about all the supporting roles in the ballet, either! We have various dresses and suits that are appropriate for the ballet.

We also have the best stage makeup, wigs, and accessories to put your costume over the top. Don't forget that underneath the costumes you'll also want the best ballet tights, leotards, and pointe shoes, so come by our location in San Jose and our staff can help you make sure you have everything you need for this special event.

Check to see where the nearest Nutcracker performance is near you and enjoy an unforgettable evening.


Watch Out Santa, Here Comes Sexy Mrs. Claus

A few days ago we posted about our wonderful Mrs. Claus Costume, a wholesome costume appropriate for any event. Today San Jose Dancewear wants to let you in on another side of Mrs. Claus many don't see: Sexy Mrs. Claus. This costume is, needless to say, very sexy. It's perfect for a surprise at home, an adult party, or to wear to work if you are a performer or server in a bar.

Image result for sexy mrs claus

Sexy Mrs. Claus Costume


So what's the big difference between our Mrs. Claus costume and our sexy Mrs. Claus costume? Both have the red dress and hat, but they fit much differently. In the sexy costume the dress hugs your curves, has a plunging neck line, and is short enough to drive Santa crazy...

You can make even the sexiest costumes a bit sexier with the right accessories, so don't forget to ask one of our helpful staff members about thigh high stockings, heels, and makeup that will take your costume from sexy to flawless.

If sexy isn't your style don't forget to check out our standard Mrs. Claus costume, Santa Claus, elf outfits, or even a costume from the beloved Nutcracker. Stay tuned for more holiday cheer coming in a few days!


Mrs. Clause is Coming to Town!

What would Santa Claus be without his better half? Just a fat guy in a suit. Our Mrs. Claus costume is a fun and festive way for women to get dressed up this holiday, and the Santa/Mrs. Claus combination is an incredible way for any couple to celebrate this holiday season.

Mrs. Claus and Santa Claus


The costume comes with Mrs. Claus's beautiful red dress with white trim and matching bonnet. To add even more flair to your costume consider getting some white gloves, costume glasses, some blush for those rosy cheeks, and a white wig. Be sure to check out some of our costume jewelry and wigs, we're sure to have what you're looking for at our location in San Jose.

At San Jose Dancewear we also understand that these costumes may not be a part of your everyday wardrobe, which is why we both sell and rent costumes. Your convenience is important to us and we will work with you to set up payment options for your costume rental -- all we want is to help make this holiday special and memorable for you and your loved ones. Stay tuned to our blog over the next several weeks as we continue our holiday themed blog posts, we've got a lot of fun costumes in store for you this year!


It's Not Too Late to Get Your Santa Suit!

As Christmas comes speeding around the corner you have enough to worry about, let us worry about the Santa Claus costume at San Jose Dancewear! A Santa outfit is the perfect way to make this holiday season special for your loved ones, and the little ones will remember something special and magical.


Image result for santa costume

Santa Claus Costume

This Santa Claus costume is perfect for many of your upcoming events this season, including: office parties, family gatherings, a surprise for the kids, holiday volunteer work, plays, and other performances. The costume includes the infamous red suit, a Santa hat, a beard, and the black belt to tie the whole ensemble together. The costume doesn't come with a jolly laugh, you'll have to provide that yourself!

Getting your hands on this Santa Claus costume doesn't have to be another stressful item on your to-do list either! With a convenient locations in San Jose, we make getting your favorite costumes easy. We are also open seven days a week for your convenience so you can pop in and pick up your costume on your way home from work or at your convenience on the weekend.

We also sell and rent many other holiday themed costumes including Mrs. Claus, elves, and sexy costume options for our mature customers! At San Jose Dancewear, we hope you enjoy your holiday, come see us soon!

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