Don't Miss the Upcoming Dance Competitions in the Bay Area

At San Jose Dancewear we know that dance is life and we want to help you stay on top of some upcoming events, as well as make sure you're prepared before you head in to your dance competition.


What You Need For Your Competition

In addition to everything that comes with your costume and shoes, you'll also want to remember a few essentials:

  • Needle and thread for any costume tears
  • Backup tights
  • Snack and beverage (you don't want to pass out up there because you forgot to eat!)
  • Makeup, hairspray, and more bobby pins than you think you'll need
  • Band-aids
  • Backup contacts, solution, and eye drops if needed

You can get any of your dance wear at one of our locations in San Jose or Marin. Our San Jose store is open seven days a week for your convenience!



Various Dance Groups at Hollywood Vibe



Upcoming Dance Competitions in the Bay Area

Check out more locations of dance competitions near you at Dancecomps.com and don't forget to come check out our dance shoes from Capezio and Bloch, our dance costumes, and essential dance wear like leotards and tights. We hope to see you soon!


Social Classes of the Renaissance - Get Your Costume Right in San Jose

The Renaissance had a complex social structure and, with it, fashion; be sure to follow fashion etiquette for your character in order to get your costume just right!


Noble Woman


The nobles of the Renaissance wore fine materials such as satin, velvet, and silk. Women always wore floor-length gowns cinched at the waist with loose sleeves. Most all women of the Renaissance wore their hair long, but nobles typically adorned their do with sashes, hats, and jewels. Noble men wore knee-high boots with silk stockings. They wore lush doublets over satin shirts and adorned their own heads with a feather in their cap at times.


Middle Class Woman


There is very little difference between a noble costume and a middle-class costume with regard to Renaissance attire except for the material used and accessories worn. Cheaper, more sturdy material was typically used for middle-class men and women, especially wool. Their heads were typically unadorned with hats and jewels in every-day life, perhaps only for special occasions.


Peasant Woman


Peasants, or lower class citizens, wore mainly clothes that were durable, sturdy, and could be worn comfortably during a day of hard work. Women wore aprons and short sleeves that wouldn't get in the way of their tasks. Men wore wool tunics and pants that could withstand significant wear and tear, no fancy embroidery or intricate tailoring for them.

Come by San Jose Dancewear and we'll help you pick out the costume that will match your character for the Northern California Renaissance Faire perfectly!


Women's Costumes for the Northern California Renaissance Faire

Good morrow to all of our readers and customers who are headed to the Northern California Renaissance Faire this September! To celebrate the upcoming festival, we wanted to let you know that we have everything you need to create a legitimate Renaissance costume for women.


Woman's Renaissance Costume


With only a few costume necessities, you can confidently blend in among your fellow faire-goers with a simple stop at San Jose Dancewear.

Women from the Renaissance typically wore long dresses. This was a period of literal "re-birth," and that included fashion. This was the first time in history that common people, those outside of royalty or aristocracy were able to justify owning items and clothing of luxury. This is why the period clothing is made of fine silks, satin, and velvet.

A long dual colored dress with a cinched waist and loose, flowing sleeves is just what you need to get into character. It was also the style of the time for women to wear their hair long, so a wig with waist to hip length hair will add to your beautiful creation. And don't forget the headband and statement necklace! Bold but simple jewelry is the perfect finishing touch!

Don't wait until the last minute, if you're planning on renting or buying a costume for the Northern California Renaissance Faire, come see what San Jose Dancewear has on hand and start counting the days to the event of a lifetime!


Get Men's Costumes for the Northern California Renaissance Faire!

Men, don't show up to the Northern California Renaissance Faire in anything less than the best and funnest costume from San Jose Dancewear. Men have a choice of costumes from gallant knight, to court jester, and everything in between!


Men's Renaissance Costume


Men's clothing in the Renaissance age reflected their social standing to a tee. Laborers and lower class working men were known to wear hardy tunics of wool and other rough linen that could stand up to the normal stress of their jobs. Lords and aristocrats were known to wear fine shirts made of satin, silk, and velvet to indicate their standing and wealth.

A necessity for every man's Renaissance costume is a pair of tall leather boots and tights. To round out your character, choose a top to suit your class, from a fine velvet doublet with a pristine and loose under shirt, to a plain wool tunic cinched at the waist with a leather belt. At San Jose Dancewear, we have all of the various accessories to make your costume come to life, including gold jewelry, capes, hats, feathers, wigs, and much more!

So fare thee well our readers and patrons, and we hope to see you at one of our locations in Marin, Santa Cruz, or San Jose to pick up everything you need for your Renaissance costume.


Renaissance Faire Post #5 - The Social Classes of the Renaissance

Dressing appropriately for your social class is important to stay in character at the 5th Annual San Jose Renaissance Faire. This may seem like a piece of cake, but there are important details that can't be overlooked.

Renaissance Social Classes


Royalty: Royal men and women had to show their wealth by wearing the best materials, such as silks, lace, and fur. Women's hair tended to be done in intricate up-dos with jewels or other head-wear, men wore caps with jewels or feathers. Gowns were full with many layers.

Lords and Ladies: While higher in class than the common people, lords and ladies are not quite the stature of the royalty. Materials for attire tends to be a little cheaper (fewer silks and lace) but still tend to be colorful with intricate decoration.  Outfits also have fewer layers with more narrow gowns. Hair is typically worn neat and long with less prominent up-dos.

The Common People: The common folk of the village have little left over to be able to spend money on fancy clothing, they stick with hardy fabrics that are pragmatic, such as wool, so as not to have to keep replacing clothing. These clothes are not typically colorful. Hair is tied back to keep out of the way and there are few, if any, accessories.

Stop by one of our locations in San Jose, Marin, or Santa Cruz for more tips for this weekend's Faire!


Renaissance Week Post #4 - Costumes and Accessories for Men

Men have an equal opportunity to don fun costumes and get into character at the 5th Annual San Jose Renaissance Faire. From royalty and knights to blacksmiths and jesters, men have a wide variety of costumes to sport at the medieval event of the year. Check out some costume ideas below and some accessories to pair them with.

Men's Renaissance Costumes



Whether you want to go as a king or prince, you will find what you need to complete your costume at SJ Dancewear. Plush tunics with tights, velvety cloaks, rings, and a staff will have you feeling as royal as your costume!


Your friends will hear you jingling a mile away with our comical jester outfit and crazy hat. Be sure to pick up tights and some face paint to transform yourself completely.


Though we can't sell full knight armor, you can still look the part with high-end tunics, capes, and play swords and sheaths.


Perhaps you want to take your costume to a different level, in which case a Blacksmith is a great choice. Come grab some plain pants, a shirt, some gloves, and an apron. Give the costume a finishing touch with some black costume dirt.

We're looking forward to seeing you at the Faire and in our store to set you up with an amazing outfit!


Renaissance Week Post #3 - Women's Costumes and Accessories

Whether you want to celebrate the fashion of a wench or a lady at this year's San Jose Renaissance Faire, we have what you need at SJ Dancewear!

Women's Renaissance Costumes


The 5th Annual San Jose Renaissance Faire is going to celebrate its anniversary with bigger and grander entertainment than any before. Be sure your costume lives up to the spirit of the event!

Some themed costume ideas for women include: a regal queen with vibrant colors and flowing gowns, characters from many of Shakespeare's best pieces, medieval ladies with simple yet elegant dresses, and wenches in poverty with drab dresses and household accessories.

You can find all of these intricately detailed costumes and much more at SJ, Marin, or SC Dancewear. Don't forget the most important part -- these costumes are just outfits without the appropriate accessories (which we have plenty of)! Be sure to check out our variety of long-haired costume wigs, head pieces, jewelry, makeup, footwear, staffs, and much more.

It won't be hard for you to dress to impress this weekend with a quick stop at any of our locations, stop in to browse our selection or get some tips from our expert staff. Good morrow to you!


Renaissance Week Post #2 - Children's Costumes & Faire Activities

Children are not the first thing to come to mind when you think of Renaissance Faires, but it's important to remember how much fun they can have at these events!

Children at the Faire


There are many options for appropriate Renaissance children's costumes. We sell and rent princess costumes, jesters, knights, kings, pirates, and many more suitable outfits for your little ones. Don't forget to browse our selection of fun hats, beads, face paint, feathers, and much more to spice up your costumes!

In addition to the fun of costumes and contests, children will have the opportunity to participate in a number of activities including drawing, playing giant Jenga, making crafts such as jewelry, getting their faces painted, watching puppet shows, and eating tons of delicious and different food!

The San Jose Renaissance Fair is a great opportunity for you to get your kids active and make some fun and unique family memories. Don't waste another minute, head to one of our locations in San Jose, Marin, or Santa Cruz today to pick out some medieval costumes for your little ones. Our friendly and expert staff will help you pick out all your family's costume needs for a memorable Renaissance weekend!


Only Two Months Until the Wizard World Comic Con 2015 in San Jose!

Grab your costumes and gather the final detail of your character at SJ Dancewear for the upcoming Wizard World Comic Con 2015 in San Jose.

Wizard World Comic Con



The Wizard World Comic Con will take place at the San Jose Convention Center on San Carlos Street.


The event will run during the following hours:

Friday, September 4, 2015 – 3pm - 8pm
Saturday, September 5, 2015 - 10am - 7pm
Sunday, September 6, 2015 - 11am - 5pm


This is an incredible event that is great for fans of the fantastical, both young and old! Some activities will include vendors of clothing, art, crafts, and more! Film screenings, costume contests, special guests, and meet and greets will also be taking place.


Though talent is certainly subject to change, as of right now some special guests will include Ian Somerhalder from The Vampire Diaries, Toby Kebbell from Fantastic Four and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, and James Marsters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. There are many more guests scheduled to keep fans entertained.

Don't go to the con in your street clothes, enter the costume contest and see us at any of our locations in San Jose, Marin, or Santa Cruz for costumes, wigs, makeup, accessories, and tips to give the rest of the contestants a run for their money!


Don't Miss the Upcoming Ballroom Dance Events on the West Coast!

It's that time of year again, for the next couple of months we'll be seeing a lot of exciting dance competitions and California's talent will certainly have its share of spotlight! Take a look below for some of the major ballroom dance events coming up on the west coast.


Ballroom Dance Competition

Desert Classic Dancesport Championships - July 9th - 12th

Whether you want to compete or you just want to enjoy the show, the Desert Classic Dancesport Championships is perfect for you. The four day event features amateurs and professionals in a variety of ballroom styles, all of which are sure to entertain!

International Grand Ball - July 24th-26th

For more ballroom talent, check out the International Grand Ball! Register in person on July 23rd starting at 4pm or purchase your tickets online to reserve your spot to enjoy team dances, amateur, youth, Latin, rhythm, and other ballroom styles.

Embassy Ballroom Championships - September 2nd-6th

Finally, wrap up the summer with some incredible performances in solo, partner, amateur, professional, and formation dance events at the Embassy Ballroom Championships. Dancers will be able to show off their summer of hard work and fans will enjoy the breadth of talent and number of performances offered.

Get out there and enjoy some of the country's best dancers this summer!

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