Get Your Individualized Pointe Shoes at San Jose Dancewear

Just like every dancer is different, every foot is different, which means one type of pointe shoe is not going to work for every ballet dancer. At San Jose Dancewear we understand dancers, which is why we carry a number of different styles, brands, and types of pointe shoes. Ballet is hard enough on your feet already, let us help you reduce some of the risk and pain you may experience by using the wrong shoe.

We carry only the best and most trusted brands of pointe shoes from vendors such as Grishko, Bloch, and Capezio.

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Grishko employs cobblers who create each pointe shoe by hand and their shoes contain only natural materials. Bloch has been making pointe shoes since 1932 and can be found on professional dancers and amateurs alike. Capezio is a popular brand with many dancers and athletes and has been featured in magazines such as Vogue.

Like we've said, each foot is different and it's crucial you find something with the appropriate fit for you and your style. Come in to one of our locations in San Jose or Marin to get a professional pointe shoe fitting and advice from one of our many dance experts!


Convenient Dance Competition Bag You Can't Do Without

Dance competitions come with a lot of fun, a lot of hard work, and a whole lot of stuff. Let San Jose Dancewear help you keep all your dance competition essentials organized and easy-to-access with a convenient dance competition bag from Rac N Roll.


Rac N Roll Dance Competition Bag

Rac N Roll Dance Competition Bag


These duffel style bags are easy to carry around and stow, but they expand into your own personal dressing room! The bag has a collapsible rack that extends so you can hang your costumes in their garment bags and not worry about them wrinkling.

There are also many accessories that are available for the bag, including a hanging mirror so you don't need to fight for vanity space in the dressing room, and a cosmetics and toiletries bag for easy organization and access to all of the essentials for the big competition day! These accessories come in a variety of styles and colors to suit your individual taste. The bag also comes in two different sizes, medium and large, for your convenience.

Come check out these incredible bags at one of our locations in San Jose or Marin and see for yourself what everyone else is going to be rushing to get for this upcoming dance season.


Don't Miss the Upcoming Dance Competitions in the Bay Area

At San Jose Dancewear we know that dance is life and we want to help you stay on top of some upcoming events, as well as make sure you're prepared before you head in to your dance competition.


What You Need For Your Competition

In addition to everything that comes with your costume and shoes, you'll also want to remember a few essentials:

  • Needle and thread for any costume tears
  • Backup tights
  • Snack and beverage (you don't want to pass out up there because you forgot to eat!)
  • Makeup, hairspray, and more bobby pins than you think you'll need
  • Band-aids
  • Backup contacts, solution, and eye drops if needed

You can get any of your dance wear at one of our locations in San Jose or Marin. Our San Jose store is open seven days a week for your convenience!



Various Dance Groups at Hollywood Vibe



Upcoming Dance Competitions in the Bay Area

Check out more locations of dance competitions near you at Dancecomps.com and don't forget to come check out our dance shoes from Capezio and Bloch, our dance costumes, and essential dance wear like leotards and tights. We hope to see you soon!


Get Your Cheerleading Gear at San Jose Dancewear!

Now that the holiday season is coming to a close, it's time to tell you about all the cheerleading gear we have at San Jose Dancewear! Whether you or someone you know is new to cheerleading and needs to buy a complete cheer wardrobe, or just supplement their wardrobe with some new designs and patterns, we have what you need.

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Dance Shoes

Depending on whether you are cheering indoor or outdoor, tumbling, or your coach wants to focus on dance moves, you're going to need some specific shoes. We carry the best dance shoe brands, including Capezio and Bloch.

Practice Wear

Cheering is hard, sweaty work and you need something that you feel comfortable moving around in while you're trying to nail those difficult moves. We offer a selection of tank tops in a variety of cuts, tights and leggings, booty shorts, long sleeved warm-up wear, skirts, and dance pants.

Performance Wear

You have to look your best for the big performance, and the best way to do that is by stopping by one of our locations in San Jose or Marin and browsing through all the cheerleading gear we have to offer, or check with one of our capable and friendly staff members to get you set up with what you need. We have jazz pants, flashy tops, poms, hair accessories, and a variety of makeup perfect for rigorous performances.





San Jose Dancewear is Putting on the Ritz in style in the Bay Area!

Stop by San Jose Dancewear in the Bay Area and grab some top hats and canes to help you in "Putting on the Ritz" for a show, party, or costume for any occasion!


Top Hat & Cane


A top hat and cane are fun and exciting additions to any dance routine. Wow judges with your dexterity and control while putting on a show! For a party or costume, be sure to pair the accessories with a suit for maximum effect. Have all guests come in black suits for an amazing photo opportunity.

Our top hats and canes can also be used for magicians' costumes or as a compliment to a number of character costumes such as men from the titanic, fashion from the '30s and '40s, and wealthy theater-goers from Moulin Rouge.

Come by and check out one of our helpful locations in Santa Cruz, San Jose, or Marin and we'll help you find just the accessories and costumes that you're looking for. We rent and sell costumes for your convenience. You can also swing by our Facebook page to see what's new! From announcements to giveaways and more, you won't want to miss what we have to share!


Booty Shorts and Other Fun Dance Attire at San Josethroughout the year Dancewear

Dancers put in a lot of hard work in classes, rehearsals, and recitals throughout the year so it is important that they are comfortable, confident, and secure.

Booty Shorts


Booty shorts are made from light, breathable fabric which allows dancers to move in comfort, stay cool, and focus on the moves rather than the clothes. The design of the shorts is perfect for girls to feel confident and be able to really see the way their bodies move without the veiling of costumes and outfits so they can nail each and every step.

We carry many types of booty shorts for dancers at SJ Dancewear. We have a variety of sizes, designs, cuts, and colors so each dancer can express herself and her personality with unique-to-her booty shorts. Animal print, neon colors, slimming black, and polka dots are just a few of the many unique designs we carry.

As with all of our dancewear, we carry only the best brands including SoDanca, Danskin, and much more. Be sure to stop by before dance season begins and check out our racks of booty shorts to choose from in any of our locations in San Jose, Marin, and Santa Cruz.


Comfort, Support, and Everything You Want to Know About Dance Sneakers

Dancing barefoot can result in stubbed toes, other dance shoes can result in blisters, but dance sneakers are comfortable and supportive (and then some!).

Dance Sneakers


These shoes are perfect for jazz dance routines. The flexible sole allows the foot to move naturally, the rounded toe allows for a variation of moves including being "en pointe," and the support of the shoe allows dancers to give routines their all without worrying about hurting their feet.

These dance sneakers are also especially great for hip-hop routines with a lot of stomping and jumping, the sole limits impact on dancers' knees and ankles.

At SJ Dancewear, we stock the best brands of dance sneakers, including: Bloch, Bloch Kids, Capezio, and Capezio Kids. The shoes come in a variety of sizes and colors so you can be sure your dancer gets exactly what they need.

The lightweight material of the shoe, the fitted high-arch support for dancers' feet, and a high density P.U. pivot point allows flexibility, support, and ease of movement.

Don't wait to pick up your dance sneakers today, stop in to one of our locations in San Jose, Marin, or Santa Cruz for more information or for any questions you may have.


How to Get the Best Sound from Your Tap Shoes (And Other Tips)!

There is more to getting good sound from a tap than to strap a piece of metal to the bottom, read below for some tips and tricks to get the best sound for your dance style.

Taps and Sound Boards


There are many parameters to getting a good sound in the tap world, but let's start with the size of the taps. You can get small taps or taps that are so big they stick out from the sides of your shoe, it all depends on your preference and the size/width of your foot. Another important variable is the tap material itself. For example, Capezio has Tele-Tone tips that produce a a moderate tone, whereas SoDanca's sharp convex tap produces a high and bright sound.

Now that you've picked out the type and size of your tap, it's time to discuss maintaining your sound. Loose screws in a tap can be annoying and produce poor quality sounds. There are a couple of options available to help you keep your taps in place so you can spend more time tapping, and less time tightening. First, get a sound board. Despite what the name indicates, the sound board doesn't actually affect the sound of your tap very noticeably. It does, however, help keep those screws in place. If you don't want a sound board or you just want an extra measure to keep your tap on, try using wood glue in the stripped hole where the screws are placed.

These are only a few tips to help you get the best sound from your tap shoes, watch for more information on the SJ Dancewear blog on how to care for tap shoes in the next few weeks!



Find Your Recital Staples and More at San Jose Dancewear & Costumes

Dance recital season can be stressful, especially for those who have never done it before, but it can also be a lively and exciting time for both you and your kids! Don't waste time stressing about the simple things, come in to one of our locations in San Jose, Marin, or Santa Cruz to help you find what you need. There are a few things nearly all dancers will need for their recitals, read below to get started!

dancewear leotards




From colored leotards with long sleeves to two-piece leotards made to support dancers beneath costumes, we can assure you you will find what you need. We have a huge selection as well as access to the inventory of many big-name dancewear vendors such as Danskin MotionWear, and So Danca.


Whether your child is in ballet, tap, hip hop, or jazz, he or she will likely need a certain kind of tights. We carry a variety of sizes, colors, and styles for different dance purposes.

The Odds and Ends

Perhaps what is most important to prepare for dance recitals is the small stuff. You're not likely to forget something as important as a costume, but we can help you with the small things such as bobby pins, hair glitter, makeup, and something to carry it all!

Stop in and see us so you can remember to have fun during recitals this year. After all, they're not something you will want to forget.


Have You Ever Wondered What Makes Leotards Vital to Dance Routines?

If you have you ever wondered what makes leotards vital to dance routines then today is the day that you are finally going to find out from the team at San Jose Dancewear! Leotards are commonly worn by dancers across the world. If you are a bit self-conscious about your body and showing it off in a skin-tight one-piece suit, you may have some issues with leotards, as that is exactly what they are.

dancewear leotards

Leotards for Dancewear


The reason for that is dancers require freedom of movement, and frankly, if you could dance in it altogether, you probably would want to do so because typical clothing can damper movement and limit what you can do. With leotards, there is no restriction to how far you can spread your legs to achieve a pirouette.

We also have leotards that are sleeveless and camisole leotards which have thin spaghetti straps, which allow for a dancer’s arm to move with complete freedom and utter grace.

Camisole Leotard


If you’ve watched dance shows on television, you likely see many female dancers wearing leotards, as they are usually the dancers who do the more graceful movements. Some males dancers also wear leotards or full body unitards, as they help them have freedom of movement as well for their faster, sharper movements.


Black Unitard


So, as it all stands, leotards are quite vital to the industry of dance, and if you’re interested, you may find yourself “Dancing With the Leotards” soon enough. Are you searching for leotards for dancewear? We know the perfect place, check it out here!


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