Convenient Dance Competition Bag You Can't Do Without

Dance competitions come with a lot of fun, a lot of hard work, and a whole lot of stuff. Let San Jose Dancewear help you keep all your dance competition essentials organized and easy-to-access with a convenient dance competition bag from Rac N Roll.


Rac N Roll Dance Competition Bag

Rac N Roll Dance Competition Bag


These duffel style bags are easy to carry around and stow, but they expand into your own personal dressing room! The bag has a collapsible rack that extends so you can hang your costumes in their garment bags and not worry about them wrinkling.

There are also many accessories that are available for the bag, including a hanging mirror so you don't need to fight for vanity space in the dressing room, and a cosmetics and toiletries bag for easy organization and access to all of the essentials for the big competition day! These accessories come in a variety of styles and colors to suit your individual taste. The bag also comes in two different sizes, medium and large, for your convenience.

Come check out these incredible bags at one of our locations in San Jose or Marin and see for yourself what everyone else is going to be rushing to get for this upcoming dance season.


Don't Miss the Upcoming Dance Competitions in the Bay Area

At San Jose Dancewear we know that dance is life and we want to help you stay on top of some upcoming events, as well as make sure you're prepared before you head in to your dance competition.


What You Need For Your Competition

In addition to everything that comes with your costume and shoes, you'll also want to remember a few essentials:

  • Needle and thread for any costume tears
  • Backup tights
  • Snack and beverage (you don't want to pass out up there because you forgot to eat!)
  • Makeup, hairspray, and more bobby pins than you think you'll need
  • Band-aids
  • Backup contacts, solution, and eye drops if needed

You can get any of your dance wear at one of our locations in San Jose or Marin. Our San Jose store is open seven days a week for your convenience!



Various Dance Groups at Hollywood Vibe



Upcoming Dance Competitions in the Bay Area

Check out more locations of dance competitions near you at Dancecomps.com and don't forget to come check out our dance shoes from Capezio and Bloch, our dance costumes, and essential dance wear like leotards and tights. We hope to see you soon!


Get Your Cheerleading Gear at San Jose Dancewear!

Now that the holiday season is coming to a close, it's time to tell you about all the cheerleading gear we have at San Jose Dancewear! Whether you or someone you know is new to cheerleading and needs to buy a complete cheer wardrobe, or just supplement their wardrobe with some new designs and patterns, we have what you need.

Image result for cheerleader



Dance Shoes

Depending on whether you are cheering indoor or outdoor, tumbling, or your coach wants to focus on dance moves, you're going to need some specific shoes. We carry the best dance shoe brands, including Capezio and Bloch.

Practice Wear

Cheering is hard, sweaty work and you need something that you feel comfortable moving around in while you're trying to nail those difficult moves. We offer a selection of tank tops in a variety of cuts, tights and leggings, booty shorts, long sleeved warm-up wear, skirts, and dance pants.

Performance Wear

You have to look your best for the big performance, and the best way to do that is by stopping by one of our locations in San Jose or Marin and browsing through all the cheerleading gear we have to offer, or check with one of our capable and friendly staff members to get you set up with what you need. We have jazz pants, flashy tops, poms, hair accessories, and a variety of makeup perfect for rigorous performances.





Don't Miss the Upcoming Ballroom Dance Events on the West Coast!

It's that time of year again, for the next couple of months we'll be seeing a lot of exciting dance competitions and California's talent will certainly have its share of spotlight! Take a look below for some of the major ballroom dance events coming up on the west coast.


Ballroom Dance Competition

Desert Classic Dancesport Championships - July 9th - 12th

Whether you want to compete or you just want to enjoy the show, the Desert Classic Dancesport Championships is perfect for you. The four day event features amateurs and professionals in a variety of ballroom styles, all of which are sure to entertain!

International Grand Ball - July 24th-26th

For more ballroom talent, check out the International Grand Ball! Register in person on July 23rd starting at 4pm or purchase your tickets online to reserve your spot to enjoy team dances, amateur, youth, Latin, rhythm, and other ballroom styles.

Embassy Ballroom Championships - September 2nd-6th

Finally, wrap up the summer with some incredible performances in solo, partner, amateur, professional, and formation dance events at the Embassy Ballroom Championships. Dancers will be able to show off their summer of hard work and fans will enjoy the breadth of talent and number of performances offered.

Get out there and enjoy some of the country's best dancers this summer!


Find Your Recital Staples and More at San Jose Dancewear & Costumes

Dance recital season can be stressful, especially for those who have never done it before, but it can also be a lively and exciting time for both you and your kids! Don't waste time stressing about the simple things, come in to one of our locations in San Jose, Marin, or Santa Cruz to help you find what you need. There are a few things nearly all dancers will need for their recitals, read below to get started!

dancewear leotards




From colored leotards with long sleeves to two-piece leotards made to support dancers beneath costumes, we can assure you you will find what you need. We have a huge selection as well as access to the inventory of many big-name dancewear vendors such as Danskin MotionWear, and So Danca.


Whether your child is in ballet, tap, hip hop, or jazz, he or she will likely need a certain kind of tights. We carry a variety of sizes, colors, and styles for different dance purposes.

The Odds and Ends

Perhaps what is most important to prepare for dance recitals is the small stuff. You're not likely to forget something as important as a costume, but we can help you with the small things such as bobby pins, hair glitter, makeup, and something to carry it all!

Stop in and see us so you can remember to have fun during recitals this year. After all, they're not something you will want to forget.


Don't Miss the All-Star Dance Challenge in San Jose on August 29, 2015!

Summer is just around the corner and you won't want to miss this year's All-Star Dance Challenge in San Jose on August 29th!

All-Star Dance Competition


The All-Star Dance Challenge is a wonderful chance for the dancers to be the stars! The competition is scheduled to take place at the Historical San Jose City National Civic Auditorium, which seats over 2,000 people! Additional event details are below:

  • All four styles of dance are available from amateur to pro-am
  • The event is geared toward encouraging a love and passion for dance among all age groups and it is unique in featuring everyone from small children and adolescents to adults and seniors
  • The event will feature prize money for winners and finalists
  • There will be many vendors at the competition so dancers can have the first pick of some of the latest dancewear from companies large and small

At San Jose Dancewear & Costumes, we encourage everyone to pursue their interest in dance and get involved in any way that they can. Be sure to stop by to browse our selection of beautiful ballroom dance shoes, makeup, accessories, tights, leotards, and beautiful dance outfits.


The Demands Placed on Competitive Dancers and What is Needed to be One

Do you truly have an understanding about the demands placed on competitive dancers and what is needed to be one with the growing popularity and competition?

competitive dance

Competitive Dance Costumes


If you're a competitive dancer, hats off to to you! You may perform some incredibly difficult and complex movements during the course of your dance routines.

One of the most demanding aspects of the process is that a competitive dancer has to be very fit (not necessarily bulging biceps and an eight-pack), but they have to be in near-perfect physical condition not only to be able to handle 1-3 minutes of nonstop fast movement, but also for the ability to bend and contort their bodies in order to create visually powerful dance routines.

Competitive dancers usually work all year long (aside from holidays and breaks), and they constantly need to be trained to physical perfection in order to maintain their physique and maintain their ability to do certain dance movements that could not be achieved by someone who was out-of-shape.

competitive dance

Competitive Dance Costumes


When training for your dance, competitive dancers need to constantly work on their toughest moves without sacrificing time for other moves. When actually performing the routine, you have to be in near-perfect, if not completely perfect sync, and you cannot miss a beat, otherwise the judges will see this as a mistake.

It's also important to have the perfect outfit. If your competitive dance team is looking for something original, unique and beautiful, check out our selection at San Jose Dancewear!

Competitive dance, needless to say, is very tough. Are you ready for your next dance tryout? Do you already have your outfit picked out? Come visit San Jose Dancewear for help!



What You Should Know About the Complexities of Competitive Dance

American Idol...So You Think You Can Dance...Dancing With The Stars... here are some things you should know about the complexities of competitive dance.

competitive dance

Competitive Dance Costumes


Everything you would see on these shows usually falls under the category of competitive dance. A group of people (or a single person) perform a choreography from a self-selected dance category, and they perform it before a group of judges. The song that the group (or person) dances to is a portion of the full song, and they are usually stopped about a minute or so into the song to receive comments and marks from the judges.

Now some judges may be a bit blunt, and tell it like it is...whether your dance routine was flawless or terribly flawed...but more judges than not tend to be nice about it, and they “let you down gently” if your dance routine had problems, or they may sing high praise if your routine was spectacular.

competitive dance

Competitive Dance Costumes


Having the perfect competitive dance costume will also help your performance shine. Make sure you come to San Jose Dancwear and visit our large selection of dancewear, accessories, makeup and more.

One thing to also keep in mind is that the judges watch every move you make. Every twist, every twirl, and even every cock of the head, and their final mark also reflects how fluid you were.

There is a great deal of pressure when it comes to competitive dance, and if a competitor is told that their road to the end is at an end, you may be devastated by it but it's important to keep your head up high and keep on practicing as next year, they might have a different answer for you.

Competitive dance isn’t called that for nothing. Do you think you have what it takes? Is your wardrobe prepared? Check out San Jose Dancewear today! 



Avoid a Costume Crisis with a Complete Dance Competition Checklist

Glitter, powder, and hairspray are in the air as you rummage through dance tights looking for one without a run in it. You toss costumes, tights, and shoes aside in a frenzy as you realize that you didn't pickup an extra pair in tan! Don't let yourself get into this situation, let San Jose Dancewear walk you through a checklist for dance competitions so you never find yourself in this situation.


Ballet Dance Competition



Nothing will stand out more than someone who doesn't match the other dancers! Make sure you stop by San Jose Dancewear to get the following:

- Main costume

- Spare tights in colors to match each costume

- Undergarments (leotards, sports bras, etc.)

- A travel sewing kit, double sided tape, and super glue

- Clear and tan bra straps

- Stain remover

- Shoe polish to match all show colors


- Hair spray, gel, mouse, etc.

- Hair costume jewelry (and extras!)

- Bobby pins

-Hair glitter

- Blow dryer, straightener, crimper, curler, etc.


- foundation, powder, blush, lip color, lip gloss, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara

- makeup brushes, makeup combs, sponges, false lashes, eye lash glue etc.

- tweezers

- Q-tips and cotton balls

Don't pull your hair out just yet, stop by San Jose Dancewear and let us set you up with all the dance competition necessities!


5 Simple and Important Tips to Help Dancers Through a Competition

You've put yourself through hours of practice, and it's finally the big day, now's the time to take a look at 5 tips San Jose Dancewear put together to help dancers kick butt during their next dance competition.

1. Don't let facing the judges get to you! Judges are typically former dancers or choreographers and they appreciate dancers who make eye contact, smile, and dance for them with confidence.


Dance Competition Judges


2. Practice actually does make perfect! The more you practice, the less you have to think about your movements in times of stress. Instead of buckling under the pointed stares of the judges, you will float effortlessly across the stage as your body takes over and your practice pays off.

3. Don't skip the warm up, stretching your muscles not only helps calm nerves, but it makes your muscles more pliable so there's less chance you'll suffer an injury in the middle of your routine.

4. Say "cheese!" Dancers have to act with their faces as much as with their bodies. If you're face is grim with effort, each of your movements will look a little more forced. Smile, use your eyes, and show them that you want to be there!

5. Choreography that highlights abilities and challenges dancers with difficulty provides a nice balance of beautiful technique and impressive tricks. Great choreography could be just what you need to go from good to great.

For great confidence-boosting costumes, professional theatrical makeup, or the perfect fitting dance shoes, stop by San Jose Dancewear.

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