Cinco de mayo - though it’s late but we should

Despite the fact that Cinco de mayo originated from Mexico, the festival is celebrated in many parts of the world, including the United States of America. It is a Mexican cultural phenomenon that is widely celebrated in the United States of America, it may be an ancient or late practice but it is still relevant in modern times for several reasons.

First of all, most people believe Cinco d mayo represents the celebration of Mexican independence, but that is a wrong notion, the festival actually is a celebration of the failed French invasion of the state of Mexico especially during the period of financial ruins that caused Mexico to default in the repayment of its debt to several European countries, including France. During the 1862 attack of the French people by Mexicans, the president of Mexico was able to force the French armies to retreat with his army of about 2000 mighty warriors. This battle was a significant victory in the history of Mexicans and it is worth celebrating every year.

Mexicans also celebrate Cinco de mayo in some states of the USA, because of the help that the American government rendered when the Mexican nation was besieged. To this day, Cinco de Mayo remains a Federal holiday that is worth celebrating by Mexicans all across the world. The celebration is characterized by a wide range of dance styles, traditional Mexican costumes as well as great local and international music, not to mention the delicious foods and drinks.


Pointe shoes- when should I go en pointe?

Graduating to the point of using a pointe is the dream of most ballet dancers, and even some gymnast, however, the use of Pointe shoes is not suitable for everyone. Most lady planning on going en pointe do have so many questions in their minds;

How old should I be before I can go en pointe?

Does the use of Pointe shoes hurt?

Can anyone with flat feet use pointe shoes?

Does Pointe workout hurts?

Why do some dancers using pointe develop blisters on their toes?

Will I get bunions when I start using pointe shoes?

How can I avoid injuries on my feet when I start using the shoes?

Why do I have to break in pointe shoes?

The answers to these questions lies in your ability to follow simple instructions when you are learning to use the pointe shoes. If you started using these shoes too early or you do not follow proper preparation methods, then your risks of injuries are higher. The best thing you should do before you start using these shoes is to find a mentor, who understands every requirements for ponte shoes, she will be able to determine the right time for you to start wearing the shoes, secondly, she will educate you on some of the things that can expose you to injuries, during and after the use of the shoes.

Having the proper training with pointe shoes, is as important as wearing the right type of shoes , in order to prevent injuries as a Ponte dancer.


Gymnastics: gymnastic leotards, biketards, shorts and shoes

Gymnastic accessories such as leotards, biketards, shorts and shoes are now available in fun and stylish designs and they can motivate your young girls to take interest in gymnastics. Similarly, these accessories are available at discounted prices and these gymnastic accessories are not only for kids, they are also ideal for adult gymnasts whether they are amateurs, beginners or professionals.

Being a gymnast means learning to maintain your focus, and one of the best possible ways to achieve this is to make use of gymnastic leotards, biketards, shorts and shoes that will perfectly fit your every move, right from the practice period to the main competition. There are selections of modern accessories that will provide more functionality and appeal to each and every gymnast needs, hence you have varieties of options to choose from.

Some of the best newest selections of gymnastic clothing include those with vibrant and metallic prints, as well as flat shoes that snugly fit to your feet without causing any pain or injuries before, during and after your gymnastic practices. Aside from the usual leotards, biketards, shorts and shoes, you can also go for the girls ballet slippers that are just as cheap as other gymnastic accessories. If you do your search properly online , you can find gymnastic accessories such as Leotards for less than 10$ , you can also find gymnastic bags and tights for as little as $5, and these items do retain their quality and appeal , ensuring that young gymnasts don’t lose focus when training.

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