Preparing makeup for dance competition

Having your makeup ready before a dance competition is very important.  You need to follow simple steps in order to achieve this;

Step #: Make use of a makeup brush because it blends the makeup much better on the face.

Step #2: Clean you face and pat it dry before you apply the foundation. Make use of cosmetic wedges when applying foundation in order to blend it perfectly into your skin. Make sure you apply from the bottom of your chin, right to the top of your neck.

Step #3: apply the eye shadow by applying the lightest colour below the eyebrow and then apply the thicker colour in-between, and make sure they are blended properly.

Step #4: work with your eye shadow, make sure you apply the liquid eyeliner to the topmost area of the eye, and close to the lashes, and then apply a thin layer of pencil to the bottom of your eye. Make sure the pencil line is not too thick at the bottom. Make sure you do not apply too much of these components.

Step #5: Apply the mascara to the lashes, and focus more on top lashes, while applying little to the bottom lashes. Make use of the eye lash comb to separate them.

Step #6: Blush the entire makeup by starting with the middle cheekbone, and then gently blush backwards. Make sure you use a big blush to blend the makeup perfectly into your skin and make it appear as natural as it can be.

Now you are ready for your dance competition.











The uniqueness of the rack & Roll competition bags

The Rack & Roll competition bag can be found in most dance competition bags as well as other competitions that are not related to dancing. These bags are unique in every way because of their special features that include;

  • A collapsible tripod rack that ensures that the bag opens and closes easily without much hassle,
  • They do come in different styles and they are more aesthetically appealing when compared with other competition bags such as duffel.
  • The fabric used in making the bags are very durable and can withstand all kinds of weather conditions as well as constant abuse or usage.
  • Large duffels can be difficult in certain situations, for instance, it can be difficult to get them out of the car, however, rack and roll bags are much more convenient and can be easily lifted from one place to another.
  • Rack and roll bags are sturdier than duffels, hence they last longer, and this may explain why they are slightly more expensive than other forms of bags.
  • There are no side pockets beside the rack and roll bags, however, it comes with different storage compartments inside, that is roomy enough to contain all materials you need for your competition.

If you want the best and most durable rack and roll competition bags. It is ideal to get your competition bags from reputable stores such as San Jose Dancewear or Marin Dancewear because of the quality of bags they supply.









What should be there inside a dance bag?

Your dance bag is the best place for keeping all dance related accessories and products safe. You can keep all the dance related stuff here, but it is also of significant value that at the same time you should also prepare your dance bag for some unexpected situations. It is best to ensure that items of need should be present inside dance bag like emergency first aid kit, extra gear, snacks etc.

Let’s discuss these things in detail so that you can get a better idea.

The emergency health supplies are extremely important and should be always there because you never know when the requirement will arise. From heading to bleeding blisters everything can happen untimely so you should stay prepared. Carrying extra health related supplies always helps in case of emergency. You don’t have to do much just keep an emergency kit inside the bag all the time.

Beauty related items are important because every dancer has to look good for creating the right impression. Ballet dancers more specifically keep their appearance tidy using buns and neat clothing. It is best to keep all your beauty supplies inside the bag all the time.

Snacks should also be there. Some may take it funny, but you actually need snacks because during rehearsals and classes you need energy. You can keep your body in good condition by getting snacks at the time of need.

You see dancing bags to keep a lot of things so they should be of good quality. For more details visit the below mentioned stores

San Jose Dancewear

Marin Dancewear

Dancer Dejour


Dance bag for the best dancer

For every dancer, the dance bag is an essential item and it always holds the top position in the accessory list of any dancer. Without any doubt dancers are regarded as the capable performing artists and they are known for possessing beauty and poise, which is unmatched in entertainment industry. For putting up a splendid performance dancers not only have to focus on their moves, but complete attire. A dancer that is properly groomed always stands out among the crowd and has the potential of winning heart with her performance. This stresses on the point that dancers should always be well prepared and well equipped. They should be ready to deal with any situation during practices sessions or performing events.

With the help of dance bag a dancer can find a practical reason for carrying accessories, dance shoes and dance wear. The dance bag is also a great tool that should be used for the purpose of staying prepared for any kind of situation. Some of the important aspects that must be included in the dance bag of a female dancer are being mentioned below

  • First aid kit for emergency
  • Items related to personal care
  • Clothing
  • Food products

Keeping these items by your side inside the bag will make you stress free as you can handle any kind of situation with a lot of ease. In short, for dancers having dancing bag is a must. Some of the best stores from where one can buy such products are being mentioned below

  • San Jose Dancewear
  • Marin Dancewear
  • Dancer Dejour


Dance bag for keeping it all

Practically speaking the life of a dancer is incomplete without a wide range of accessories, which are all related with performance. There are many requirements for becoming a great dancer, but having a proper dancing bag is a must. Think practically it is important that one should have a bag for carrying importance dance products so that everything can be kept in an organized manner.

Dancers love the idea of dancing and exhibiting their skill also they have a variety of ways for doing this. Dance bag can be your ideal companion and support also the best part is that one can decorate it with different charms even you can write your name on it with embroidery. There is so much to carry when you travel for different event hair pins, outfit, travelling mugs, accessories and many more items are there to take along with. A dance bag is the perfect place for keeping all your belongings safe and sound.

The requirements of every dancer are different so keeping inconsideration all this, manufactures has come up with different types of dance bags so you will never be disappointed in finding the one that you actually adore. It is all about understanding, that how much you want from your dance bag and how it should deliver.

If you are confused and want to have a look at some of the best dance bags, then there are different stores to visit, but San Jose Dancewear, Marin Dancewear and Dancer Dejour can help you a lot in finding ideal products.


Dancing bags, the best gift for dancers

The life of a dancer is full of activity and fun. They live with various kinds of dance accessories, which surround them all the time so if you have a dancer in the friend’s circle, then it is best to give them something related to dancing. The market is full of a variety of dance products, but if you really want to present your dancer friend with something valuable, then dancing bag can be a great option in this regard. The dancing bags can be termed as perfect products for carrying dancing shoes, outfits and other related items.

For most of the dancers a dancing bag is the most important accessory as they don’t have to move around carrying all the stuff related to dancing. It is one place where they can keep all the belongings safe. However, for getting the best use from your dancing bags it is important that these products should be of good quality and must be capable of performing the job associated with them efficiently. This can only be done when a proper source is connected for getting the bag. The best stores for finding an ideal dancing bag are being mentioned below

  • San Jose Dancewear
  • Marin Dancewear
  • Dancer Dejour

You will find the most wonderful collection of dancing bags at this particular medium. There are many platforms from where one can purchase dancing bags, but these sources are the ones that you can trust. The quality of offered products here is exceptional so no complaints will be there to face.


Dancing bags a must for ballet dancers

Dance bags are normally offered in a wide range of styles colors and designs so that they can show compatibility with different age groups of users. For example if you are purchasing a product for little daughter, then preference will be to go with something youthful and energetic. Pink will be the most compatible shade and she will appear cuter with it.
The utility value related to dancing bags is always very high especially for ballet dancers. The concept is very much clear as the popularity of duffel bags around the globe can’t be questioned. There are features present that show compatibility with the needs of dancers and a place is provided where dancing gears can be stored with a lot of convenience. One must consider the bag size as it plays a huge role. Items such as changing clothing, accessories, shoes etc. are kept in the bag so it should be capable of offering enough space.

There are also types of dancing bags that come with special shoe pairs that can be used for the purposes such as ballet dancing as well as tap dancing shoes. These bags not only carry the dancing stuff of girls, but also many other important item such as hair brushes, deodorant, hand towel and sanitizers. In short, dancing bag is a must for a dancer and if you are looking for a decent place to buy one then visit San Jose Dancewear, Marin Dancewear and the Dancer Dejour. There is an amazing collection of bags present here.


What it takes to become an ideal dancing bag

During the dance competition season we often see the dancers looking for their perfect dancing bag. Without any doubt a dancer depends a lot on her dancing bag in fact, it is her only companion that moves with her till the end. Different dancers have different expectations from their dancing bags. But the question is that what are ideal qualities which should be present inside a dancing bag? For the sake of convenience of our users some of the qualities are being mentioned below.

  • There should be enough space for privacy curtain
  • There should be shimmering and sparkle
  • The lining should be bright
  • It should be easy to move so wheels are a must
  • The adjustment option for different heights should be present
  • The rack should be sturdy
  • The option of zipping should be present at the time when hanging rack is being used
  • There should be easy cleaning options present

These are some of the qualities that should be present inside a good dancing bag. These aspects introduce a lot of ease in the life of dancer as she doesn’t have to worry about things scattered here and there. These properties are a must for a dancing bag to be ideal.

The San Jose Dancewear, Marin Dancewear and Dancer Dejour are three brilliant stores, which can supply you with ideal dancing bags. Just put a look at their wonderful collection and you will not be disappointed in any sense. The best dancers will find the best bags at this medium.


Things to keep in dancing bags

Dancers are normally seen carrying huge bags as they need to support a number of things for putting up a great show. The bag carried by a dancer is much different than other bags that we commonly see these are specialized structures which actually support a number of other important accessories. Every dancing season you need to bear the reflection of classes, auditions as well as rehearsals so it is best to bring a great dancing bag, which should accommodate all the important products which will be needed. The bag should contain everything that you need safely so that you can put up a great performance at the time of need.

Some of the important items present inside dancing bags are being mentioned below

The dance shoes

No performance is completed without dance shoes. Especially if you are about to give an audition, then wise approach is to bring different kinds of shoes. In addition to fundamental ballet slippers different shoes suited to various dance types should always be there inside a dancer’s bag.


Pins, hairsprays, elastic ties, barrattes are essential for dancers as they help in supporting a proper hair style.


Sweat and dancers have a strong association. During rehearsals or actual performance you will have to wipe the sweat away with towel.

These were some basic products, which should always be present inside the bag of dancer.  For putting a look at some quality bags you can get in touch with the following stores

  • San Jose Dancewear
  • Marin Dancewear
  • Dancer Dejour


Dancing bags some important features

Bags are accessories without which girls can’t live. Since an early age the love for bags starts to grow inside the heart of girls and they want to have a collection of all different types of bags in their closet. Dance bags have their own specified purposes and features. The most important thing is that these come in a variety of styles designs and uses so that people can make the selection in accordance with their preferences. It has been noticed that girls normally like the idea of going with pink and when it’s related to ballet things are different. Duffel bags are known for enjoying a great demand as girls love to store their dancing accessories inside these beauties.

An ideal dancing bag should offer enough space for changing clothes, accessories and shoes. Properly designed shoulder bags can also be used for the purpose of accommodating dancing gear so in majority of cases it is dependent on users they can buy the kind which they prefer.

Majority of girls give preference to smaller compact bags that have decent space for the purpose of holding important items. Different designs are present at San Jose Dancewear, Marin Dancewear and Dancer Dejour. Ladies who want something extra or convincing can visit our stores for getting an ideal range of dancing bags. We offer products that have a very high level of quality so you will not face any kind of disappointment from our stock. Just visit our stores and you will be delighted.



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