Come Check Out the Best Costume Wigs and Accessories in the Bay Area

At San Jose Dancewear and Costumes, we have wigs and accessories that can make your character come to life. Think about it. What makes a great costume? It's the details that matter! Come check us out to see how you can take your costume to the next level.

Purple Wig

Baby Doll Wig

Whether you want to dress up as a general hippie, an era specific character, or a specific person such as Elvis or Marilyn Monroe, we have what you need. Our huge selection of costumes and wigs will keep you coming back for all of your costume needs.

Don't forget to grab a few accessories while you're here as well. We have costume jewelry, feather boas, hair accessories, makeup, stick-on art, face paint, and more. If you need it--chances are that we have it.



Costumes are more than clothing (though we have plenty of that too!), they're the thought behind each detail. When you come check us out in the Bay Area you'll leave with a character -- not just a costume. With Afros, mullets, glamorous locks, braids, beards, and more, you'll be doing all your future costume wig shopping at San Jose Dancewear.


Celebrate Your Dance Fever with a Disco Costume in San Jose!

For a fun and simple costume for your next party, head to San Jose Dancewear to pick up your disco outfit, accessories, platform shoes, and wig! With only a few key components, a disco dancer costume is quick, easy, and a timeless classic.

Disco Costume

Sexy Disco Costume


San Jose Dancewear has a number of fun bell bottom pants, a staple in any disco costume. Don't forget the hair! A recognizable style of the disco era was full Afros, and San Jose Dancewear has a number of wigs that will complement your costume wonderfully.

Top off your costume with standard disco platform shoes and some key accessories, such as, long necklaces, and chunky belts. Feel free to make the costume a little sexier with a teased wig, short dress, loose sleeves, and a pair of knee high go-go boots.

We have a variety of disco costumes so you can buy or rent exactly what you need . Don't forget to stop by San Jose Dancewear to check out the endless choices of makeup, accessories, and costume ideas we have.


Get your Saturday night or any dance night fever on!








Represent the 1990s with One of Madonna's Many Signature Looks

Stop by San Jose Dancewear to get the look of the fashion icon from the '80s, '90s, and even now, Madonna provides many costume opportunities for you to represent your favorite decade!


Like a Virgin


One of Madonna's most popular looks was her "Like a Virgin" outfit. You can create this look easily with white tights, a short and fun '80s style white dress with layers of ruffles, matching white wrist warmers, a veil, and don't forget to tease your hair!


Madonna in Vogue


Get your Vogue on with two key components, a high, long ponytail and a cone-shaped and pointy brazier. Of course you can add tights and stilettos to polish the look, but you can get by with the bare essentials on this one!


General Madonna Costume



Of course, if you want a general, classic Madonna look, we can help you there as well. San Jose Dancewear has a variety of calf-length tights, leotards, tutus, fingerless gloves, headbands, feathers, and theatrical makeup to jazz up your outfit and pull off the pop diva look. So come check out the variety of lacy, colorful, and fun accessories to kick your Madonna costume up a notch!


San Jose Dancewear is Putting on the Ritz in style in the Bay Area!

Stop by San Jose Dancewear in the Bay Area and grab some top hats and canes to help you in "Putting on the Ritz" for a show, party, or costume for any occasion!


Top Hat & Cane


A top hat and cane are fun and exciting additions to any dance routine. Wow judges with your dexterity and control while putting on a show! For a party or costume, be sure to pair the accessories with a suit for maximum effect. Have all guests come in black suits for an amazing photo opportunity.

Our top hats and canes can also be used for magicians' costumes or as a compliment to a number of character costumes such as men from the titanic, fashion from the '30s and '40s, and wealthy theater-goers from Moulin Rouge.

Come by and check out one of our helpful locations in Santa Cruz, San Jose, or Marin and we'll help you find just the accessories and costumes that you're looking for. We rent and sell costumes for your convenience. You can also swing by our Facebook page to see what's new! From announcements to giveaways and more, you won't want to miss what we have to share!


Get Creepy in the Bay Area! Creating Burns and Bruises for Halloween

There's nothing creepier and spookier than realistic wounds and bruises created with theatrical makeup, stop by San Jose Dancewear and check out our selections from Kryolan, Ben Nye, and Mehran!


Fake Burn


To get started creating a burn, first stop by the grocery store! That's right, one of the easiest ways to set a rough base for the burn is by using gelatin. Then pick up some red lipstick and mascara and you're ready to get started! Begin by mixing the gelatin with warm water and pour it on the section of your skin you want to appear burnt. Dab some mascara and red lipstick semi-randomly across the burn for a charred and raw look. Let it dry and you're done!


Fake Bruise


For bruises, pick up some eye shadow or theatrical face paint that has yellow, green, red, and purple. First add the yellow at the base of the bruise, extending it as far as you want the bruise to go. Then add green up to a half inch or so from where the yellow ends and do the same with red and purple, but create spots of concentrated reds as well. Check out Radmegan's step-by-step directions for help and pictures!

Check out more costumes, accessories, and makeup from San Jose Dancewear to complete your Halloween costume!


Poodle Skirts and More! 1950s Fashion and the U.S. Culture Shift

Poodle skirts were more than just a defining fashion stable in the 1950s, they were the product of an end-of-war culture shift that swept the nation. During WWII, in the 1940s, there really wasn't fashion among the general populace. Clothing was made with cheap, minimal fabric due to rationing and America was just trying to make it through the war. At the end of the war, the ration ended and it opened up new doors for the economy, fashion, and was the beginning of a consumer driven culture.

Once the economy started to improve, the fashion industry used the opportunity to showcase more fabric, pleats, and plush petticoats to fill out colorful skirts, what we now know as poodle skirts. What started as a movement to celebrate the end of a war turned in to a defining trait of the American culture. Excess.


Colorful Poodle Skirts


San Jose Dancewear encourages customers and dancers to come by and rent or buy one of these iconic costumes to honor and celebrate a pivotal point in our history, as well as the fun fashion choices that women made in the revolutionary era.  Whether you need a costume for Halloween, a dance routine, or a school play, come pick out a variety of skirts, shoes, hair ribbons, makeup, belts, and shirts to complete your outfit!

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