Walk Like an Egyptian This Halloween in a Cleopatra Costume!

We know it's early yet, but it's really never too early to think about what incredible costume you're going to sport this Halloween! Now is your chance to knock it out of the park and go as someone strong, beautiful, and intriguing...that's right-- we're talking about the pharaoh Cleopatra herself.


Cleopatra Costume


This sultry but not-too-revealing costume will leave you feeling sexy and confident without being uncomfortable. The white dress is a crisp contrast to the intricate and beautiful embroidery that decorates the shoulders in traditional Egyptian style.

Of course you couldn't be Cleopatra without the short, sleek, banged black wig with an accompanying set of decorative hair accessories distinct to Egyptian women from the time of Cleopatra and, in fact, a huge component of Cleopatra's image.

Pair this ensemble with some strappy gold heels or sandals and some arm coils to complete the look and become Cleopatra, a woman who seduced world leaders many times over to protect her land.

There's always room to go above and beyond and this costume is no exception. Put your costume into high gear with some Cobra eye makeup, stay tuned for the tutorial coming to you in just a few days.


Don't Miss the All-Star Dance Challenge in San Jose on August 29, 2015!

Summer is just around the corner and you won't want to miss this year's All-Star Dance Challenge in San Jose on August 29th!

All-Star Dance Competition


The All-Star Dance Challenge is a wonderful chance for the dancers to be the stars! The competition is scheduled to take place at the Historical San Jose City National Civic Auditorium, which seats over 2,000 people! Additional event details are below:

  • All four styles of dance are available from amateur to pro-am
  • The event is geared toward encouraging a love and passion for dance among all age groups and it is unique in featuring everyone from small children and adolescents to adults and seniors
  • The event will feature prize money for winners and finalists
  • There will be many vendors at the competition so dancers can have the first pick of some of the latest dancewear from companies large and small

At San Jose Dancewear & Costumes, we encourage everyone to pursue their interest in dance and get involved in any way that they can. Be sure to stop by to browse our selection of beautiful ballroom dance shoes, makeup, accessories, tights, leotards, and beautiful dance outfits.


Have You Ever Wondered What Makes Leotards Vital to Dance Routines?

If you have you ever wondered what makes leotards vital to dance routines then today is the day that you are finally going to find out from the team at San Jose Dancewear! Leotards are commonly worn by dancers across the world. If you are a bit self-conscious about your body and showing it off in a skin-tight one-piece suit, you may have some issues with leotards, as that is exactly what they are.

dancewear leotards

Leotards for Dancewear


The reason for that is dancers require freedom of movement, and frankly, if you could dance in it altogether, you probably would want to do so because typical clothing can damper movement and limit what you can do. With leotards, there is no restriction to how far you can spread your legs to achieve a pirouette.

We also have leotards that are sleeveless and camisole leotards which have thin spaghetti straps, which allow for a dancer’s arm to move with complete freedom and utter grace.

Camisole Leotard


If you’ve watched dance shows on television, you likely see many female dancers wearing leotards, as they are usually the dancers who do the more graceful movements. Some males dancers also wear leotards or full body unitards, as they help them have freedom of movement as well for their faster, sharper movements.


Black Unitard


So, as it all stands, leotards are quite vital to the industry of dance, and if you’re interested, you may find yourself “Dancing With the Leotards” soon enough. Are you searching for leotards for dancewear? We know the perfect place, check it out here!



Get the Comfort and Support of Two Piece Leotards at SJ Dancewear

Get the support of a full leotard under your cheer leading outfit or costume with a variety of cute two piece leotards at San Jose Dancewear.

Two Piece Leotard

Two piece leotards are great for practice and performance. The tight breathable fabric molds to the body so dancers can focus on their movement as opposed to focusing on their clothing. The design and sturdy fabric lends support to dancers so they can dance in comfort.

Two piece leotards come in a variety of colors and designs so dancers can express themselves and their personalities with clothing and movement!

These leotards are perfect for cheerleaders and dancers with two piece costumes. The leotards fit discreetly beneath the dance outfits to lend coverage in the event of wardrobe malfunction, offer support during difficult maneuvers, and even offer warmth. The snug fit will prevent chafing, riding, and misalignment to help dancers focus on what's important.

These two piece leotards are a great choice for more than just dancers, they can be worn to the gym, they're great for running, and are an ideal choice for gymnasts who could use the support during tumbling, bars, and other feats of physics.

Stop by and check out our selection of fun and comfortable two piece leotards as well as other dancewear from brands such as MotionWear, Danskin, Body Wrappers, and more!



What Are Foot Undies and Why Do Experienced Dancers Swear By Them?

You may be asking yourself: Why are so many dancers opting for "foot undies," and what are they? Stress no more, you've come to the right place with all the answers.

Foot Undies

Capezio FootUndeez

Foot undies are a soft, suede soled, fabric half-shoe that lyrical and other typically barefoot dancers use to protect their feet while dancing without losing any range of capabilities. These half-shoes are called foot undies because...well, they look like underwear for your feet.

The thin fabric allows for flexible movement, a sturdy elastic band allows for support and prevents against slippage, and the suede sole helps protect the foot while providing traction for safe and effortless movement.

So why do dancers use these funny looking foot undies? Dancers' feet are their instruments for the art that they create with every twitch of muscle. Foot undies can help protect their feet from blisters, slipping, and a variety of other potential injuries.

Customer reviews vouch that foot undies are comfortable, economical, and a great purchase for barefoot dancers who want to protect their feet during warm-ups, practicing turns, or even during performances.

What's not to like? Stop by one of our locations in San Jose, or Marin to get your foot undies today!


Dance Parent's Unite! Tips to Survive the Upcoming Recital Season

The next few weeks will be full of costume fittings, rehearsals, and lots and lots of planning - don't let it get ahead of you and stay sane with the list of helpful tips we've put together below.

Dance Recital Season!


1. Organize: It can be hard to keep all the hair pieces, bobby pins, and jewelry straight with multiple costumes and even multiple kids, but by simply using a few plastic sandwich bags to organize by costume, you'll be able to keep your head on straight.

2. Keep complaints to a minimum: Dance recitals are just as stressful for the kids as for you, do your best to keep them comfortable by providing plenty of water or colorless juices, non-messy snacks, plenty of pain reliever, and baby powder (to help keep itchy costumes at bay).

3. Prepare for the long haul: Most studios have a lot of classes to feature during rehearsals and the day is long for both you and your dancer(s), bring a deck of cards, books, or games to keep everyone entertained and polite throughout the various performances.

These few tips will go a long way to help you keep yourself and your dancer in order to showcase all of their hard work for the season. For more tips on makeup and recital dos and don'ts, stay tuned in to our Facebook page or stop in to one of our stores for advice from experts and professionals.


The Demands Placed on Competitive Dancers and What is Needed to be One

Do you truly have an understanding about the demands placed on competitive dancers and what is needed to be one with the growing popularity and competition?

competitive dance

Competitive Dance Costumes


If you're a competitive dancer, hats off to to you! You may perform some incredibly difficult and complex movements during the course of your dance routines.

One of the most demanding aspects of the process is that a competitive dancer has to be very fit (not necessarily bulging biceps and an eight-pack), but they have to be in near-perfect physical condition not only to be able to handle 1-3 minutes of nonstop fast movement, but also for the ability to bend and contort their bodies in order to create visually powerful dance routines.

Competitive dancers usually work all year long (aside from holidays and breaks), and they constantly need to be trained to physical perfection in order to maintain their physique and maintain their ability to do certain dance movements that could not be achieved by someone who was out-of-shape.

competitive dance

Competitive Dance Costumes


When training for your dance, competitive dancers need to constantly work on their toughest moves without sacrificing time for other moves. When actually performing the routine, you have to be in near-perfect, if not completely perfect sync, and you cannot miss a beat, otherwise the judges will see this as a mistake.

It's also important to have the perfect outfit. If your competitive dance team is looking for something original, unique and beautiful, check out our selection at San Jose Dancewear!

Competitive dance, needless to say, is very tough. Are you ready for your next dance tryout? Do you already have your outfit picked out? Come visit San Jose Dancewear for help!



How to Apply Makeup for the Northern California Renaissance Faire

You've gone to great lengths to make sure your costume for the Northern California Renaissance Faire is just right, so don't forget the proper makeup to complete your character!


Renaissance Makeup


The first thing to be sure you do to prepare your face for a day at the fair is to apply sunscreen. You will be in the sun throughout the day and sunscreen will help protect your delicate skin from harm.

Next, know your role. If you are attending the fair as a peasant woman, you won't need to wear makeup at all. Peasants couldn't afford makeup so sunscreen will do perfectly. If you are middle or high class, however, you will need a bit of work to look the part!

Start by applying light foundation to your face, you may want to use a shade or two lighter than you normally would, light faces were very popular in the age. Next, decide whether your character would wear lipstick or not. A good rule of thumb is only wear colored lipstick if you are a noble, but stick to red and burgundy, don't use pink. Then, use simple makeup on the eyes, black or brown mascara and eye liner will do fine. If you want to wear eye shadow, make sure the colors are natural (no blues, greens, or purples). Use blush only for a noble woman to accentuate the cheekbones. Finally, powder your face and don your character!

Stop by San Jose Dancewear for a selection of all the best theater makeup, including Ben Nye, Mehran, and Kryolan. Fare thee well and enjoy the fair in your medieval best!


Join Fans All Over California for FanimeCon on May 22, 2015!

Experience FanimeCon, an anime convention organized by and for fans, on May 22, 2015 at the San Jose McEnry Convention Center. Get involved with judging panels, buy some exclusive merchandise, and meet some incredible guests at this year's premier anime con in San Jose.

Anime Con Costumes


Events:  For its 21st anniversary, FanimeCon is hosting a number of events including a Black & White Ball where guests can don their dancing shoes, cos-play events so attendees can show off their costumes, anime music video awards, karaoke, speed dating, and more! Exhibits: Check out some unique pieces by local and national artists, meet people at the cos-play hangout, try a game from the Gaming Hall, read something from the Manga Lounge, host a performance or event on Stage Zero, get a sneak peek at some real martial arts in the Dojo, or grab a bite to eat at the Fanimaid Cafe. There's plenty to see and do at FanimeCon and more is being added every day! Fans at FanimeCon will be decked out in elaborate costumes, intricate makeup, and complete character so don't forget to get your costumes in order with SJ Dancewear. We have professional face paint and makeup, a number of costumes and period-specific apparel, accessories, wigs and more to make sure you show up to compete with the best of them!


Only a Few Days Left to Get Your Cinco de Mayo Mask - Stop By Today!

There's only a few days left until Cinco de Mayo and you don't want to be the only one without a mask, so stop in to one of our locations in San Jose, Santa Cruz, or Marin today!

Colorful Masks

What is Cinco de Mayo?

Cinco de Mayo is not only a celebration of the unlikely victory Mexico won over the French in the Battle of Puebla in 1862, it's also a way for people of all different ethnicities to celebrate Mexican heritage. However, this isn't to be confused with the Mexican Independence Day, which isn't until September 16th.

How Do You Celebrate Cinco de Mayo?

Celebration of Cinco de Mayo varies greatly by region. For example, some cities go all out with traditional Mexican food, musical performances, dancing, and colorful masks while other smaller towns in the nation may not celebrate it at all. The important thing is to to give children the opportunity to learn about the Mexican culture, history, and impact the Battle of Puebla had on the future of North America as a whole.

If you want to do your part this Cinco de Mayo and get involved in some spectacular activities, don't forget to stop by and get a fun, colorful mask -- we have beautiful masks for kids and adults!

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