Calling All Male Dancers! We Have Shoes and Dance Attire for Men!

If you are a male dancer in the Bay Area, stop by San Jose Dancewear, Santa Cruz Dancewear, or Marin Dancewear to check out our shoes and dance attire made specifically for men.

Men's Dance Shoes

Men's Jazz Shoes


Our men's jazz shoes come in a variety of sizes so you can find something comfortable that suits your needs. We also offer a number of tops, bottoms, and undergarments for male dancers, including footed tights, fitted shorts, sleeveless and crew neck shirts, thong dance briefs, full seated dance briefs, dance belts, and more. Don't waste time special ordering men's dancewear online, you could get stuck with something that isn't the right size or doesn't fit you properly. It's your job to make sure you're comfortable so you can do what you do best. It's our job to make sure we find something to suit your every need. Our expert staff has years of varied dance experience so we can help you with fittings, we can order specific pieces that we don't regularly carry, and we can offer advice. We carry only the best brands with labels such as Capezio, So Danca, Danskin, Motion Wear, and more, so you can be sure you're wearing the most quality dancewear. Stop in today to browse our vast selection of men's dancewear!


Get Your Basic Ballroom Dance Shoes for Beginners in the Bay Area Today

There's no need to spend a fortune on four different kinds of ballroom shoes, get your basic ballroom dance shoes that are designed for beginners in the Bay Area today! These beginner dance shoes are perfect for any ballroom genre and a great way to test out new classes without having to spend loads of money on new apparel.


Basic Ballroom Shoe


So what makes a shoe a basic ballroom dance shoe? Basic ballroom dance shoes are designed to be suitable for multiple types of dance from the tango to the Viennese Waltz. Beginner shoes are perfect for those who are just getting familiar with dance and want to try a bit of everything without having to commit to specific shoes for each class that are potentially pricey.

Basic ballroom shoes should be comfortable, sturdy, flexible, and supportive with a thick heel. Many people, women especially, think they are ready for the thin, sexy heels that they see in the movies but this can be potentially dangerous for them as they learn different steps and move in ways that they're not used to.

SJ Dancewears is offering beginner ballroom dance shoes again for anyone who is interested in trying a professional class, dancing as an activity on a cruise, or even just spending some one on one time with a significant other by trying something new. Stop in today for a professional fitting!



Dancing Through the Decades with Miss Felicia's Dance on May 16th

Here at SJ Dancewear and Costumes we love to support our local dancers, which is why we encourage everyone to check out Miss Felicia's Dance Studio recital on May 16th.

Miss Felicia's Dance


The recital will be held at the Historic Hoover Theater on Saturday, May 16th and guests will be able to choose from two show times, 2pm and 6pm. The show will feature the full school of dancer from the adorable two year-olds to some extremely talented upperclassmen with entertaining and professional choreography to compliment the show's theme of "Dance Through the Ages."

Miss Felicia's Dance Studio has been developing and training students in the Bay Area for years and has honored the mission of helping kids of all ages learn self-confidence, coordination, character, self-esteem, and dance and choreography skills to boot. Miss Felicia's Dance Studio offers a variety of classes from Baby Hip Hop to Classical Ballet and monthly tuition is a reasonable $35 per month for the first class and an additional $10 per month for each additional class.

If your kids are interested in learning the basics of dance or starting to compete, check out this fun, local, and trusted studio. Be sure to stop by one of our locations in San Jose, Marin, or Santa Cruz to get dance shorts, leotards, or anything else you may need for your first day of dance classes!



Celebrate Spring in the Bay Area with New Dancewear Fashion!

Spring is in the air and it's time to let some of that skin breathe by sporting some of our trendy leotards, dance shorts, and other up and coming dance fashions!

Harem Pants


Make a statement this season with a number of hot pieces that are traditional dance apparel items. Not a dancer? No problem, these looks are hitting the streets for anyone to wear. Pair these harem pants with a tank top and low cut tennis shoes for a sporty and comfortable look.

Get the long leg Ariana Grande look with a variety of standard dance shorts. Short black dance shorts are perfect with statement tops like leather or sequins. Pair the shorts with thigh high boots for an even bolder look.





Dance Shorts


Want to enjoy some early-morning rooftop yoga...or at least pretend like you do? We've got yoga pants, comfortable tights, stylish tanks, and a number of leotards so you can find something to wear in which you can find your zen (or at least look like you have).

Dancewear is not just for dancers anymore, stop by SJ Dancewear to find something sleek, trendy, and sexy so you can make a statement this Spring.


93rd Annual City of Palo Alto May Fête Children’s Parade - May 2nd

Join us in our support of the 93rd Annual City of Palo Alto May Fête Children's Parade on Saturday, May 2nd in downtown Palo Alto on University Avenue.

Palo Alto Parade


The parade has a message near and dear to the hearts of many -- put an end to bullying. The May Fête committee is encouraging children to be unique, to be free, and to be themselves. The committee also helps teach children and teens how to accept others for what they are and how not to alienate people. The goal of the parade is to get the community one step closer to acceptance for all different types of classes, races, genders, looks, lifestyles, beliefs, preferences, and everything that makes a person beautifully unique.

The theme of this year is UFO for the acronym unique, free, yOu. Floats will be embracing this theme with fun space creations and surely some aliens. Guests are encouraged to join in the fun and festivities by taking part in the parade and dressing up along with the theme. Don't forget to stop by one of our locations in San Jose, Santa Cruz, or Marin to get some green tights or fun makeup for an alien costume!


Don't Miss the Nor Cal Dance Arts Summer Program Registration!

It's that time of year again, time to start booking trips and enrolling your kids in summer camps and programs to keep them busy after school lets out. Dance camps are a great way to keep kids active during the summer and they're a great way for children to learn something new without committing to a single class for nine or more weeks. One of our favorite summer dance programs is the Nor Cal Dance Arts Summer Program right here in San Jose.

Nor Cal Dance


Kids from ages 3 to 6 can try ballet, hip hop, jazz, and tumbling for beginners. This is a great way to start teaching kids about fitness, development, commitment, and the importance of improvement. Other classes for elementary aged children include Little Guys Hip Hop, Flip Out, and Get Down. For older students interested in serious competition and technique improvement, programs include the Performance Technique Intensive, Junior Class Series, The Master Series, New York Movement Workshop, and Ballet Intensives. Sign up for auditions to join the Nor Cal Dance Company to take place June 23rd for a year round dance education.

Children young and old will find appropriate tights, leotards, dance shoes, hair pieces, and other dance apparel at SJ Dancewear and Costumes for all their summer dance program needs.


Come One and All to the Studio 10 Dance Summer Intensives!

With summer comes free time to try new dance classes, hang out with friends, and put in the serious work and training that it takes to become a great dancer -- Studio 10 Dance has two dance programs this summer.

Studio 10 Dance


Dance Art Day Camp: The day camp with Studio 10 Dance is for children between the ages of 5 and 12 and takes place from Monday through Friday, June 15th to August 6th from 8:30AM to 2:30 PM. Children will learn the art of performance, choreography, and movement in several dance genres, including: hip hop, jazz, tap, tumbling, lyrical, and musical theater. Curriculum changes each week and families can sign up for camp in week increments to work around summer holiday schedules.

Dance Intensives: The intensives are open for anyone thirteen and above who want to take their talent to the next level and become a better dancer. With 16 hours of training every week in lyrical, jazz, hip hop, ballet, and contemporary, students will be completely different dancers when all is said and done. Intensives take place Monday through Friday, June 15th to August 6th from 3PM to 7PM.

At SJ Dancewear and Costumes, we have the best brands of dance apparel and footwear, including Capezio, So Danca, Mirella, Body Wrappers, Motion Wear, and more, some come stock up before you hit the studio!


What You Should Know About the Complexities of Competitive Dance

American Idol...So You Think You Can Dance...Dancing With The Stars... here are some things you should know about the complexities of competitive dance.

competitive dance

Competitive Dance Costumes


Everything you would see on these shows usually falls under the category of competitive dance. A group of people (or a single person) perform a choreography from a self-selected dance category, and they perform it before a group of judges. The song that the group (or person) dances to is a portion of the full song, and they are usually stopped about a minute or so into the song to receive comments and marks from the judges.

Now some judges may be a bit blunt, and tell it like it is...whether your dance routine was flawless or terribly flawed...but more judges than not tend to be nice about it, and they “let you down gently” if your dance routine had problems, or they may sing high praise if your routine was spectacular.

competitive dance

Competitive Dance Costumes


Having the perfect competitive dance costume will also help your performance shine. Make sure you come to San Jose Dancwear and visit our large selection of dancewear, accessories, makeup and more.

One thing to also keep in mind is that the judges watch every move you make. Every twist, every twirl, and even every cock of the head, and their final mark also reflects how fluid you were.

There is a great deal of pressure when it comes to competitive dance, and if a competitor is told that their road to the end is at an end, you may be devastated by it but it's important to keep your head up high and keep on practicing as next year, they might have a different answer for you.

Competitive dance isn’t called that for nothing. Do you think you have what it takes? Is your wardrobe prepared? Check out San Jose Dancewear today! 



Create a Special Day for Your Special Fairy Princess in the Bay Area

If you're in the Bay Area and planning a party for your daughter, niece, or even friend, check out San Jose Dancewear to pick up everything you need to create a magical fairy princess party! There's nothing like seeing her face light up when you tell your little girl she is going to be the fairy princess at her fairy-themed birthday party, and we want to make sure you're equipped to make the day as special as she is. Take a look below for party and costume ideas!


Fairy Princess Costume



First and foremost, you'll want to secure a beautiful fairy costume! Stop by San Jose Dancewear and we can help you find the perfect fairy dress, tights, tiara, wings, and wand to complete the magical outfit. And be sure to send the little party guests our way to pick up costumes as well, or pick up some extra wings and wands as a party favor!


Twinkle lights and pastels are all you really need to turn any living room or backyard in to a magical fairy land. Banners, streamers, paper lanterns, and table cloths in light pinks, purples, blues, and greens paired with strands of twinkle lights outlining doors, windows, and sprawling above the party are simple and easy-to-execute ideas.


Serve colorful, different, and fun food to complete the mood with items such as fizzy fairy punch, star shaped jam sandwiches, clear goblets of fruit, pixie sticks (but call it pixie dust!), white chocolate pretzel wands, and anything else that will lend to the magical, glittery, and girly dream party.

So come see us at San Jose Dancewear, and we'll help you get started!


Professional Pointe Shoes and Expert Advice on Where to Find the Best

Whether you're just starting your first pointe class or you have dreams of being a Prima Ballerina, you know how important the right pointe shoes are.


Ballerina in Pointe Shoes


You work hard in every class and in your free time to train your muscles, practice technique, and work on making difficult moves seem effortless, let us worry about making sure your shoes are working just as hard. At San Jose Dancewear, we carry a variety of pointe shoes from expert vendors such as Capezio, Bloch, Grishko,and Freed to make sure you get the perfect fit to suit your needs.

Pointe shoes are more important to a ballerina than any other wardrobe relationship another type of dancer may have. Pointe shoes dictate balance, provide ease for a ballerina to gracefully roll up onto her toes, and help her control her movement as she rolls back down.


Pointe Shoes


By choosing San Jose Dancewear for your pointe shoe needs, you can spend more time perfecting your technique and let us worry about providing the perfect shoe. With quality products, customer service, and experience, we can provide tips on how to avoid having to burn, bend, and beatup your shoes to make them work for you. So come see us, and we'll have you on your toes in no time!

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