Mrs. Clause is Coming to Town!

What would Santa Clause be without his better half? Just a fat guy in a suit. Our Mrs. Clause costume is a fun and festive way for women to get dressed up this holiday, and the Santa/Mrs. Clause combination is an incredible way for any couple to celebrate this holiday season.

Mrs. Clause and Santa Clause


The costume comes with Mrs. Clause's beautiful red dress with white trim and matching bonnet. To add even more flair to your costume consider getting some white gloves, costume glasses, some blush for those rosy cheeks, and a white wig. Be sure to check out some of our costume jewelry and wigs, we're sure to have what you're looking for at our location in San Jose or Marin.

At San Jose Dancewear we also understand that these costumes may not be a part of your everyday wardrobe, which is why we both sell and rent costumes. Your convenience is important to us and we will work with you to set up payment options for your costume rental -- all we want is to help make this holiday special and memorable for you and your loved ones. Stay tuned to our blog over the next several weeks as we continue our holiday themed blog posts, we've got a lot of fun costumes in store for you this year!


It's Not Too Late to Get Your Santa Suit!

As Christmas comes speeding around the corner you have enough to worry about, let us worry about the Santa Clause costume at SJ Dancewear! A Santa outfit is the perfect way to make this holiday season special for your loved ones, and the little ones will remember something special and magical.


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Santa Clause Costume

This Santa Clause costume is perfect for many of your upcoming events this season, including: office parties, family gatherings, a surprise for the kids, holiday volunteer work, plays, and other performances. The costume includes the infamous red suit, a Santa hat, a beard, and the black belt to tie the whole ensemble together. The costume doesn't come with a jolly laugh, you'll have to provide that yourself!

Getting your hands on this Santa Clause costume doesn't have to be another stressful item on your to-do list either! With two convenient locations in San Jose and Marin, we make getting your favorite costumes easy. We are also open seven days a week for your convenience so you can pop in and pick up your costume on your way home from work or at your convenience on the weekend.

We also sell and rent many other holiday themed costumes including Mrs. Clause, elves, and sexy costume options for our mature customers! At San Jose Dancewear, we hope you enjoy your holiday, come see us soon!


Make Your Kids Believe You’re a Believable Easter Bunny...Among Others

easter bunny costume

Easter Bunny Costumes


Make your kids believe you're a believable Easter bunny if Easter is approaching, and you want to make it more eventful than last year and surprise the kids.

The Easter Bunny is a national symbol for the Easter holiday, and you can find plenty of people who dress up as the Easter bunny at that time of year. If you yourself want a costume so you can be a bunny too, you should bear in mind...that your kids (if you have any) need to believe you’re the honest-to-goodness Easter bunny. Our team at San Jose Dancewear can help you pick out a realistic Easter bunny costume for all of your Easter events from their wonderful selection.

easter bunny costume

Easter Bunny Costumes


Don’t buy or rent a costume that looks gaudy or fake...look into costumes that actually look like they have real fur on them (these are more reasonably-priced and cost-effective than you may think).

Also factor in how you imagine your kids will react to the sight of the Easter Bunny. If they are easily scared, perhaps choose one of our costumes that is more kid friendly and less realistic looking.

And remember! You can even use that Easter bunny costume for other functions. If you’re young and you have a themed frat party to go to, you can go dressed up as the Easter bunny...who knows, be you male or female, you might have the girls (or guys) practically hopping to hangout with you!

So, there are many practical applications of an Easter bunny costume. Whether for fun or profit, try looking into getting one! Check out our selection here!



What to Know When it Comes to Buying and Renting Easter Bunny Costumes

easter bunny costume

Easter Bunny Costume

Here is some important and useful information and advice on what you need to know when it comes to buying and renting Easter bunny costumes for the Holidays. An Easter bunny costume typically signifies Easter, colored eggs, and chocolate...but if you are the mascot playing the Easter Bunny, whether it be at a function, or simply for your children...you’ll want to know why you should rent a costume from San Jose Dancewear or purchase one.

If you make the decision to purchase an Easter bunny costume outright, you stand to be paying larger sum of money in the beginning, but if your kids and family love seeing you in that costume, you will know that you will be wearing it at least once a year! It can also double up as a Halloween costume.

But what about renting a costume?

Renting a costume permits you to pay less money than if you bought it, and you only have to rent it for one day a year.

easter bunny costume

Fun Easter Costumes

So, at the end of it all, if you're looking for an Easter bunny costume you can always purchase one or rent one. The options are endless here at San Jose Dancewear.

Also, one more thing to consider: Easter bunny costumes come in all different shapes and sizes, so be sure you are ready to try some costumes out in order to choose the best one.

Get out to San Jose Dancewear today and either rent or buy your choice of many Easter bunny costumes and accessories today!


Family-Fun Easter Activities, Easter Bunny Costumes, and much more!

Swing by San Jose Dancewear and pick up an Easter Bunny Costume. Buy or Rent. Kick off your holiday filled with family fun Easter activities that will have the kids laughing! There are endless activities that will delight the whole group and we want to share them from our family to yours to celebrate Easter this season.


Easter Bunny Costume


- Easter egg hunt: Hide dyed eggs, plastic eggs, candy eggs, or whatever type of eggs fits your needs and have the Easter Bunny run around with the kids, helping them look in some of the more difficult places.

- Make bunny ears: with pink and white construction paper, glue, scissors, and a stapler, your family can make bunny ears to match the Easter Bunny!

-Follow the bunny!: A great way to get the whole family active on Easter is to have everyone play follow the leader with the Easter Bunny. The Easter Bunny may even stop to nibble on some rabbit food (carrots and celery) which would be a fun way for kids to eat vegetables.

- Mr. Bunny Head: For each player, cut out 2 bunny ears, two eyes, one head shape, a nose, a mouth, and a bow tie. Assign each piece a number from 1-6 and each player rolls a die to see which parts they can add to their bunny head. The first person to make a complete head wins!

Book your costume before the rush at San Jose Dancewear and have a great Easter with your honey bunnies.



Celebrate St. Patrick's Day in the Bay Area with a Great Costume

Want to be Green without spending a lot of greenbacks this St. Patrick's Day? Head to San Jose Dancewear and pick up your costume today!

Leprechaun Costume


The great thing about the holiday is that you can wear almost anything you want...as long as it's green! Grab a green top hat, bow tie, blazer, and a red beard and you will be a very believable leprechaun. Some other popular choices include green dresses, bowler caps, and four leaf clovers, of course!


Come check out the quality theatrical makeup and face paint we have at San Jose Dancewear, including Kryolan, Ben Nye, and Mehran brands that can be used to to turn you in to a realistic leprechaun or just to draw a clover on your cheek!


Whether you need to sport your Irish pride for a party, parade, or performance, we have what you need at San Jose Dancewear. Don't worry about committing to a permanent purchase  if you don't want to, we allow rentals so you can have a great time without breaking the bank.


St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner, so we'll see you soon to help you with your costume.


Get Your Green Costumes and Accessories for St. Patrick's Day Today!

Don't risk getting pinched, stop by San Jose Dancewear to pick up your green accessories and costumes before it's too late! St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner and, when you visit one of our stores in San Jose, Santa Cruz, or Marin, you will have a number of fun, green options to choose from.


St. Patrick's Day

Many accessories available


We sell different styles of hats, necklaces, and costumes for any purpose. Don't worry about committing to a big purchase, we offer rental options to suit your needs and fit in to your lifestyle.

Looking for a fun way to celebrate the Irish holiday without getting decked out in a traditional leprechaun costume? Try some cute four leaf clover face stickers that are adorable at the corners of eyes or on a cheek. Pair your whole ensemble with some green eye makeup from our high-end lines such as Mehran, Ben Nye, and Kryolan to pull the whole outfit together.

Whether you're looking for a costume with a beard, hat, jacket, and all the works, or just a few cute accessories, we have what you need. Our helpful staff at any of our three locations in the Bay Area will have you decked out in no time!


Mardi Gras Costumes to Kick-Off the Season in the Bay Area!

There's nothing like a parade of colorful people and costumes traipsing down the street on Mardi Gras, step in to San Jose Dancewear and be one of those people!

Mardi Gras Costume


Celebrate the beginning of the blessed season by getting decked out in colorful dresses, beads, masks, feathers, and much more! You may not be able to purchase one of these delightfully flamboyant costumes, but don't hesitate to stop by and see our rental options.

We have a number of fun masquerade-style masks to serve as the focal point of your costume, complete with standard colors, glitter, bling, feathers, and plenty more to stand out at your Mardi Gras party, parade, or performance.

We have purple, green, and gold EVERYTHING, from costumes, beads, and jewelry, to makeup, wigs, and tights so that you can give Mardi Gras all you've got! Nothing is off-limits for Mardi Gras so try something new, get creative, and take a risk. Become someone else this season with world class outfits, theatrical makeup, and accessories that make a difference.

Come by San Jose Dancewear, and our helpful staff will set you up with the best costumes in the Bay Area.


Get Your Nutcracker Costumes & Accessories at San Jose Dancewear Today

Don't wait until the last minute to get your Nutcracker costumes and accessories -- stop by San Jose Dancewear today! The winter holiday season is full of magic and wonder and our Nutcracker costumes live up to the hype!

Nutcracker Costume



There are many specific characters and dances in The Nutcracker that require specific costumes. Our experts can help you select the correct costumes to bring your performance to life! We have Clara's beautiful dress, the traditional short and stiff tutu of the sugar plum fairy, the colorful tutu for the Waltz of the Flowers, a classic Snow Queen costume, and a nutcracker costume, of course!

Don't forget that San Jose Dancewear also sells a myriad of other accessories and necessities, such as: theatrical makeup, tights, leotards, hair accessories, and pointe shoes in brand names including Capezio, So Danca, and Mirella.

You can find helpful staff in any of our three locations in San Jose, Santa Cruz, or Marin. We pride ourselves in working with our customers to find payment options that fit their needs by offering both rental and purchase options for most costumes.

Hurry! Get your Nutcracker costumes and accessories before it's too late!



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